Communists Behind Race Mixing

Communists Behind Race Mixing

Race mixing goes back to the beginning of time.

Many Patriots are pushing a Communist agenda. Most don’t know it, but some of the leaders do.

Here is what I found in a Communist newspaper (The Daily Worker)

The Daily Worker

May 26, 1928, Page 2

The Communist party considers it as its historic duty to unite all workers regardless of their color against the common enemy, against the master class. The Negro race must understand that capitalism means racial oppression and Communism means social and racial equality.


  1. Abolition of the whole system of race discrimination. Full racial equality.

  2. Abolition of all laws which result in segregation f Negroes. Abolition of all Jim Crow laws. The law shall forbid all discrimination against Negroes in selling or renting houses.

  3. Abolition of all laws which disenfranchise the Negroes on the ground of color.

  4. Abolition of laws forbidding the inter-marriage of persons of different races

  5. Abolition of all laws and public administration measures which prohibit, or in practice prevent, Negro children or your from attending general public schools or universities.

  6. Full and equal admittance of Negroes to all railway station waiting rooms, restaurants, hotels, and theatres.

  7. The War and Navy Department of the United States Government should abolish all Jim Crow distinctions in the army and navy.

  8. Immediate removal of all restrictions in all trade unions against the membership of Negro workers.

  9. Equal opportunity for employment, wages, hours, and working conditions for Negro and white workers.


Now, you might understand why people like Alex Jones and Mike Adams say what they do. This, of course, is NOT Christian and it’s NOT Patriotic. When you watch the news, you can’t miss the non-White immigration problem. When you see the ads, you see many mixed races in commercials – including mix-marriage couples. They are really pushing this in your face. When the major media and government is pushing race mixing it should make you stop and think why Patriots are on the same side of the issue, yet they “say” they are against the establishment!

All of this is part of a deliberate plan to change the values of Christian/Patriots, because years ago no one on the political right supported race mixing and “equality of the races.”

Since race mixing and all this equality bit has been pushed by the Communist, you don’t hear this because many people would turn away from advocating the same thing. So now you have people of all political persuasions pushing the same agenda as the Communist. Just because you hear the Republican Party in the U.S. (name your own party in your own country) say they are for racial equality, that doesn’t mean it originated with them – it does not. It’s really satanic and anti-Christ. Now, you know it’s part of the Communist Party. Who says that Communism is dead? It’s not, it just changed its name and it goes by the name of whatever political party is popular in your country.

Patriots of old knew that race mixing would destroy God’s children – the White people of today. But the Patriots of today are clueless. Now they should know better.


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