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A Chronology of International Conspiracy

A Faith For These Days

A Jew Speaks Out on Jews

A Letter on the Appointed Place

A Little Jewish Book

A Little Jewish History

A Little Black Book

An Answer

God, in His wisdom, chose Israel to be used by Him in His great plans for the transformation of a lost world. He also had a large portion of the Bible to tell us about Israel’s part in His plan. As a result earnest Bible Students have found the Israel Truth to be a “Key” which opens up the Bible from the first promise made in, (Genesis 3:15) until at the end of the age the Lord Jesus Christ will come to claim His Kingdom here on earth.

Nearly 400 pages

Anti-Semitism Its History and Causes

Many poeple wonder why there is anti-semitism, but they don’t ask what caused it. Nearly every nation in Europe had thrown the Jews out for one reason or another at some time in their history. Learn why here in this 56 page booklet.