Free Reports

Free Reports

Vital biblical truths are presented in these reports and booklets.

The free Report we have this week is,

Marks of Israel

You can’t know where you are going unless you know who you are. Then you will understand more of the Bible.

Free Report for May 4 2014

America Wake Up

Free Report for May 25, 2014

America Will Turn Suddenly

Judaism’s Strange Gods

by Michael Hoffman II

The Great Conspiracy

by Lt. Col. Gordon “Jack” Mohr

Lost Israel Found

Find out who the real Israel is today (clue, they are not the Jews).

A Handbook of Bible Law Relationship to Other Persons

By Charles Weisman

A Handbook of Bible Law – Law and Justice

By Charles Weisman

Difficulties in the Bible

The difficulties in the Bible are explained in this 77 page report

How to Monetize a Bridge

The Christian way for a sound economy

So-called Contradictions in the Bible

 My Life in Christ

by Eustace Mullins

God Punishes Israel

Most Christians today know that God punished ancient Israel, but for some reason they get offended if you tell them we are being punished today.

Abrahamic Covenants

Why the Covenants are important and why it’s important to know that we are the people God is speaking to.

Alien Invasion is Judgment from God

Many Christians get upset with the invasion that is happening in America. But this invasion (South of the boarder) is a result of our disobedience.

Bible Law on Military

Most Christians – including priests and pastors – don’t realize that God has rules for the military.

Coming Soon: America Without Crime, Debt or War

An easy to understand book on our economic mess and how to fix it. The illustrations makes it easy for any layperson to know how a national economy should be run.

Moses The Economist

How nations can biblically get out of economic debt slavery to the banks.


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