Jack Mohr Sermons

Jack Mohr’s Sermons

Lt. Col. Gordon “Jack” Mohr wrote and gave many great Christian sermons. This section is a collection of his sermons on topics that most pastors will not talk on as they are “politically incorrect” but biblically CORRECT.

Many of the sermons were give in the 1980s when the Soviet Union was still in power. Keep this in mind when listening. The big threat is not from Russia today but from our own government (the Jewish communist mentally that dominates not only America but all of Europe, too). Little did Identity Christians know back then that the big threat is not from abroad but domestically.

When brother Jack spoke on the the Gog and Magog (one of his favorite topics) this is not from Russia as most Christians believe today. If you believe that the Bible is unbelievably precise (which it is), the attack from the North is not Moscow, as Moscow is not North of Jerusalem. Take a Google Map, draw a line from the North Pole to Jerusalem and the city that is north of it is Ankara – the capital of modern day Turkey.

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