Revealing What the Medical Profession is Hiding From Us

“What is a section on health got to do with Christian studies?” Quite a lot frankly. One way that the antichrists is trying to kill us is by the medical profession. If they don’t kill us, they make us sick – which is preferable to killing us out right as they can make a lot of money before we die. Yahweh, God gave us laws in many areas of life, and one of them is on health. Thus, this section of the blog is put here for those who don’t know that there is a natural way to regain health. Many of us know this, while others have a small part of the picture. Then, there are those who believes everything the medical profession tells us.

This section will also contain links to others sites that have a ton of information for further research.

Cancer Outside the Box by Ty Bollinger

Episode 1

The Hallelujah Diet

by Reverend George Malkmus

While Malkmus is a judeo-Christian (an oxymoron), he is right on diet. Here is the first of a series of videos that deal with various aspects of vegan life style. To see the rest, go on the YouTube channel of this video, then look on the right hand side. The next one that should appear is titled: “I never thought they’d listen.” The video below is titled: “How to sabotage a healthy diet.”

You Can’t Improve on God

By Dr. Lorraine Day

Lorraine Day who was a medical doctor found out the truth about God’s healing the hard way, as she had cancer and was near death. While Dr. Day talks about health, she also talks about the Jews and who controls the world in other videos. Though she is spot on when it comes to health and politics, she is wrong on many topics (not all) when it comes to Bible study. So, you can say, she holds some of the same beliefs of the the judeo-Christians. However, the video below and others on this YouTube channel is just talking about health. Make sure you check out the other videos on the right side by Lorraine. There is a lot to learn in these videos if you don’t already know about natural healing.