Sheldon Emry

These are mostly books by Sheldon Emry and books that he mentioned in his sermons that were written by others. Many of these books are no longer in print, but I will put them up here in PDF form as time allows. Thanks for spreading the Word of God in this end of the age – not the end of time.

American Will Turn Suddenly

12 page PDF, Click Here

Bible Law On Money

10 pages PDF, Click Here

Billions For The Bankers Debts For The People

(No illustrations in this one.) Click Here

Cinderella: Israel in Disguise
Click Here

Coming Soon: America Without Crime, Debt or War
This 53 page booklet has illustrations, which makes it easy for others to understand. This title was later changed to Billions For the Bankers. Click Here

America in the Kingdom Parables
by C.O. Stadslkev, 1959

Bible Law on Military Draft and Warfare

Disciples of Baal

Is Doctrine Important?

Drugs in Prophecy