Beliefs of Patriots Have Changed Over the Years

Beliefs of Patriots Have Changed Over the Years

The Dilution of Christian/Patriotic Beliefs

What I have seen occur now for many years is that what Christian/Patriots believe in now is vastly different than what they did years ago; that there is a dilution of some core beliefs that set the Patriots apart from the crowd.

If you have been around a number of patriotic sites or alternative new sites, you’ll know what the Patriots who run those sites believe in. I know that it varies a bit from person to person but basically they believe in the following:

  • equality of the races
  • that people of all races should be allowed in the country (with limits)
  • that people of all religions should also be allowed in
  • that fascism is like communism and both are bad
  • that those Patriots that are Christians basically agree with what is preached in the churches
  • that homosexuals have a right to engage in their life-style

Also, what Patriots label their adversaries is totally different than what Patriots of old labelled them.

There are other beliefs but these are enough for this article. So, what did Christian/Patriots of years ago believe in? A lot different than what they do today. Of course, there are some common ground but there is a lot of difference, too. This makes me wonder why this is. Is there an agenda by those who rule over us to do this? I think there is but let’s talk now about what the Christian/Patriots of old believed in. When I say “of old” I mean within the life time of people in their 50s or older. So, I’m not going back to the 19th Century.


Back in the 1970s, for example, C.P.s were racialists; they believed in the preservation of their own race. They did not believe in race-mixing and believed in segregation.


That our immigration policy should be based on White people being allowed in only.


Patriots of years ago NEVER mixed the word “fascism” with “communism” or the word “nazis” with “communism”; that they knew that they are diametrically opposed ideology of the two systems.


Patriots of years ago disagreed on many doctrines than what is taught now.


Everyone in the Patriotic Movement was totally against the homosexuals and their activities.

Let’s go over each of the above in more detail, starting with the first one.

The racial issue was nearly unanimous in agreement that there each person should only marry within their own kind. Today, you have many people, such as Alex Jones, Mike Adams (the two with the biggest alternative news websites) believe that it’s OK to marry outside of your race. Even conservative preachers, such as Kent Hovind believes this. With people like the above who have – in total – a million or two million followers, many of their followers probably believe in the same thing. Otherwise, there would be more negative feedback on their YouTube channels, for example.

On immigration, the basic belief today among those “who say they want to preserver their nation” thinks that it’s OK to have all these other races come into the country. They might disagree on the number admitted each year and might want to give more background checks on Muslims. But otherwise they think that it’s OK to bring in people of divers races. It is NOT. People, like Frosty Wooldridge just don’t want Muslims in the country but other races are OK. Even those who don’t want any Muslims in the country thinks it’s OK to bring Mexicans – in limited numbers and those that are not criminals. But Patriots don’t seem to realise that these non-Whites will eventually change the culture of the White race and all that we did.

This toleration of different races in America was not part of any Christian/Patriotic group in in the 1970s and earlier. And to be married to someone of another race would not get you in the front door of any Patriotic meeting. Yet, today this is acceptable. In fact, if you say you are against the mixing of the races, you would be looked upon as the enemy. In short, it’s totally opposite of what Christians who wanted to see America persevered of years past.

Of fascism, you would think that this is the worst form of government there ever was. This was not so for the Patriots of the past. The sad thing is, that the Christian/Patriots/Conservatives or whatever they want to call themselves throw around the word “fascists” and “nazis” without even knowing the history of this form of government – it’s really a joke. And if that wasn’t bad, they mix-and-match the word with other words as if they were one in the same. In fact, there seems to be a new marriage of the word “fascist” with other words each year. You hear Patriots say:

  • fascist/communist
  • fascist/neo-conservative
  • neo-con/fascist
  • nazi/communist

…ad nausium

People like Alex Jones, use words like a 3 year old child that don’t know the meaning of words. You would NEVER have heard words like “facism” used as a synonym with “communism”. People of 50 years ago knew the meaning of these words – fascist, communist, National Socialists (nazis). As for other words, such as: “neo-con” and “neo-conservative”, they didn’t exist. It also seems like new words are cropping up to describe political affiliations of one stripe or another. In fact, if you differ – even slightly – from another person, there seems to be a new noun for them.

In short, there isn’t agreement among the Patriots of today as to what they call themselves and what to call their adversaries. This leads me to believe that this is done deliberately by higher ups with the purpose of the people never getting the full truth.

What we called each other went like this: If you were on the Christian/Patriot side you were called a Christian-Patriot or a Patriot for short, or a right-winger. If you were the opposite you were called: a Leftist, Communist, left-winger or pinko. Yes, there were more than one word but we all knew the meaning and they were synonyms and some of the words were slang, like “pinko”. But it was clear and the words had meanings. All Patriots knew that fascists were the opposite of Communists and they also knew that Mussolini fought the Communist and saved Italy from them – they were not a different side of the same coin but a different coin altogether.

People who were fighting for our country years ago, knew that fascist was basically an economic system while National Socialism was basically a racial program. And that Communist was the political and social manifestation of Judaism. And never shall the twain meet.

The word “nazi” was a derogatory name made up by the Allies as the National Socialist (NS) never called each other that. However, this did change after the American Nazi Party got started.

We also did not mix up the word “republic” with “democracy” as these two words were different. In fact, the Founding Fathers of America never use the word “democracy” when describing their country and you will NOT find this word in The Declaration of Independence or in The Constitution.

Old time Patriots were not afraid to say they were Christian but now you’d think this would be a taboo word. You hear the big name Patriots say in one video that they are Christians – only briefly; then talk on other subjects they don’t bring up the word Christian, Christ or the Bible at all. Why is it? Are they afraid that they might offend some agnostic supporter? Or are they afraid to offend someone of another religion, such as the Jews? This was not so many years ago. Right-wing leaders of years ago would often call on the name of Christ several times in each talk but you don’t hear that today. So, how Christian are they?

The fact that the Patriots of today rarely bring up the name of Christ, they also don’t talk on God’s laws. The fact that they don’t, shows that that they are clueless; they think that they can solve the world’s problems IF enough people get together; IF the Whites, Blacks and Mexicans get together to fight the “Elite” rulers. As if the various races can ever get together! They are clueless as to what God said we should do. Why is it? It seems like people in the Patriotic movement years ago knew about God’s laws. Well, fortunately there is a group that is still around that know what to do, what to tell the people and that is the Christian Identity people – they are the real leaders of Christian/Patriots today and are keeping true to God’s word. But you would never know that they in the Patriotic movement because there is very little publicity – all of that goes to people like Jones and Adams. One day people will wake up and people will come to them to listen to God’s Word.


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