Weekly Sermons

Christian Identity Sermons

Here are posted some sermons that are of vital interest to you and your family. When you read or see the sermons, apply this to your private and business life. Unlike most churches today, we off  “the meat of the word and not just the milk”.

God bless you and yours and pray for a Christian country.



I decided to put the weekly sermons in the Bog section and not under this section. I realized that the drop-down menu would be too long. So, to find your sermon for the week, just go to the Post section and start looking from the last time you were here. If you want to find them faster, just type in the search box “weekly sermon” and they all should come up.

There will be videos posted in the Weekly Sermon box however. The reason for this is, that I can put a whole list of videos in one page and the page will not be too long. But if I put text – one after the other – the page will be much too long. Hence, the text sermons will be in the blog section of this website.

Thank you for being here and may God bless you.