New Age Deception

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This section of Christian Identity Chruch is devoted to the satanic deception in the New Age teachings. This goes by various names now, unlike what it was called in the 1970s. Such names are: Spirituality, Reiki, and Yoga, to name a few. Also, just about anything that has “meditation” in it is also included. Then there is The Law of Attraction, while they have some teaching that is true and based on logic their philosophy is that of the New Age movement. When they talk on “manifesting” is also wrong. In the videos on the future will cover these areas and and show how they are against Bible teaching.

To begin the New Age Deception, we have a video by that same title below.

New Age Deception

Warren Smith talks on the deception of the New Age movement and list names of people involved. Though the sponser (Christ in Prophecy) of this video believes we must support Israel, you can ignore this. In fact, this isn’t brought up in this video. However, Christ in Prophey does have good guests.

By knowing the philosophy that is taught by New Age gurus, you’ll understand that what the preach is contrary to scripture. By knowing the Bible better, you can spot this satanic deception.

What is Wrong with Yoga?

Many people in the West think that yoga is simply a form of stretching and that you can be a Christian and do yoga. In fact, these people point out that their church has yoga classes held in their building. Well, the Buddhist in India laugh at this as yoga is a part of Buddhism, it can not be devorced from it. In fact, when you do yoga you are opening yourself to “unclean spirits” as the Bible calls it. In fact, there are many yoga teachers who become strangely sick by doing it; they go to the doctors and it baffles them as to what their condition or disease it.

There are many other videos and articles on the dangers of doing yoga if you do a search for them using words like: “yoga danger,” “yoga exposed,” “dangers of yoga,” etc.

Gods of a New Age

This video exposes the dangers of what is known as new age philosophy, spiritualism, meditation that is so much in common today. In the first 20 minutes of this video you hear some of the catch phrases that is used by people today. You’ll learn about the satanic connections of what is behind this so-called religion of peace. What I have heard from people who teach energy healing, yoga and meditation has connections to the UN. We all know that the UN is an evil international government institution but when you learn that they teach meditation within its halls, it makes you wonder.

What was said about Hitler is a lie, but this just shows how deep seated propaganda done by the Jews is. (This part, about 42 minutes into the video can be deleted.)

Did you know that “manifestation” comes from the Hindus and it’s known by them as Maya (spelling might be wrong). The Hindus believe that nothing is real (where have we learned this from).

This documentary is old, yet, at least some people were on to the truth back in the 1980s.

Click Here to see the one hour film.