Finding Christian Truth 2

Finding Christian Truth, part 2

Continuing in What Christians Should Know, I’d like to add some more important areas of study. Again this article should be viewed as class lessons where you complete one area at a time. Though, with this article you can go to sections out of order but what area you do choose, you should read the material there or watch the videos. Pray on this and ask for continued guidance in your study of God’s word.

Lesson 9

Signs to Look For

As you know, we are told in scripture that there will be exceedingly wicked times at the end of the age; that there will be many false prophets and some of them will come in Christ’s name. with that in mind, I would like to start this article in, Finding Christian Truth, what is known as Signs to Look For.

First, we will look at the New Age Movement. Keep in mind that what is going around as the New Age Movement no longer has the same name; this was changed many years ago because the public saw the negative side of this. However, the anti-Christ philosophies are easy to spot. The false teaching that was in the New Age Movement has found itself in the works of such people as: Depack Chopra, Dr. Oz, Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, Dr. John Demartini, and Oprah Winfrey. You’ll also find in what is called “spiritual churches”, in yoga, palm reading Tarot Card readings, Reiki healing. And, in general, anyone who is in touch with the spirits is those who have anti-Christian philosophy at their core.

Now, if you stay way from such people as listed above, all well and good. However, their teaching has infiltrated into mainline churches. To give you some examples, many of the people who are involved in the above practices will tell you:

We are gods

Christ was just a prophet like Muhammed and Buddha

We are perfect

The answer is within

Create your own reality

Just to name a few

Well, mainline church pastors are saying the same thing. So, if go to a typical church or watch televangelist on TV, you’ll hear people like Ken Copeland, Benny Hinn, Jim Olsteen and others say things like you’d expect to hear from. Ken Copeland said (about himself), “I am that I am.” He also said that we are gods.

I could go on and on but the purpose of this article is to point you to books and videos that does a lot better than I can in explaining to you what I want to briefly point out here.

For more information on the dangers of the New Age Movement, check out the following links below. The purpose is to let you know what to look for when false teachings are brought your way.

New Age Movement Exposed

Click Here

Is your church into New Age philosophies?

Click Here

The Emergent Church

Click Here

Lesson 10

Catholic Church Deception

If you are a new Christian and you started going to church, are you going to a Catholic church? A common habit that people make when they decide to go to church, they either go to one that their parents went to or they go to one that is nearest to them. Doing in not putting any consideration in choosing a right church. You might be aware of the Mormons and the Jehovah Witness and know that they are cults. You naturally avoid them, but what about a Catholic church? After all, this is the biggest denomination in the Christian faith, so what harm could that be?

Though the Protestant church has changed a lot since its early years and false teaching has crept into it, so is the case with the Catholic church. In fact, false teaching has been part of their doctrine for most of its history.

I have seen good people leave one false religion and go into another. And example is a woman who is on the preaching circuit telling of her conversion from Islam to Christianity. Those it’s a huge step in the right direction, she is being misled in other areas. For more on this, click on the following links for an in-depth study of false teachings in the Catholic church.

Catholicism Exposed

Click Here

Former Nuns and Priests Expose Catholic Heresies

Click Here

Biggest Vatican Secrets

Click Here

In Conclusion

I pray that this article, the previous one will bless you and guide you on to the Christian truth. I would like to hear from you. Tell us your story and enter your comments below. If you have any questions, write them below. If it’s something private, let me know in your response and I will not publish it but I will get back to you IF you leave your email address.

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