Finding Christian Truth

Newly Converted to Christianity: Finding the Christian Truth

Beginning Path to Christian Studies

(This article is for all Christians.)

By Richlion

Are you a new Christian?

Did you just come out of some out of Islam or Hindu?

Were you previously an atheist or agnostic? Did you find the truth when you were in the new age movement?

What was your first contact with a Christian group or individual like? In your conversion to Christianity, did you rely on a big televangelist on TV?

Did you go to a Christian book store and buy some popular book that was recommended to you by the sales clerk?

First, I would like to welcome you into your new Christian life. And I pray that you will continue to grow in wisdom and knowledge of Yahweh God. This article is for you, so please, please continue to read on.

If you are new to the Bible and learning about our Saviour Jesus Christ, you might be a bit confused – you don’t know what to listen to, what to read and what church to be a member of. On the other hand, you may think that no matter what book you pick up or what church you attend that you will learn the truth about Christ and his message for mankind. No matter which one of the two categories you put yourself in, you want to make sure that you are told the truth. The sad thing is – and nearly all Christians will tell you – that these are the Last Days. We are warned in the Bible that there will be false prophets and they will deceive many. With that in mind, you don’t want to be the one deceived – after all, you had already been deceived.

If you have come from another religion or no religion at all, you had been deceived – this, you already know. Now, you don’t want to be deceived again. If you are a new Christian, you may think that any preacher you listen to is telling you the truth; that any book you pick up in a Christian book store will impart biblical truth. The sad thing is, such is not the case. In fact, there are more misleading Christian information coming from Christians than sound Bible doctrine. Think back to the 19th Century, you’d think that surely, everyone who called themselves Christian was one. Back about 150 years ago it was the start of two cults: Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) and Jehovah Witness. These two cults were misleading people back then, yet they call themselves “Christians.” Fast forward 150 years – there are many, many more false prophets and the dangerous thing is, that they are part of the established church teachings. They are not going by another name where it would be easy to spot. What was taught in the the Methodist church 150 years ago is not the same as it is today. Then, if that wasn’t bad enough, you have some Methodist churches differ from another in the next town.

So, how do you, as a new convert to Christianity, be able to tell them apart?

First, and foremost, you pray on this. Ask Christ to lead you to the truth. Pray on this night after night. Pray on this even on this article that I’m writing. In other words, don’t take my word for it – but be led by the HOLY GHOST.

I had been watching videos on people who were previously agnostic; I’ve seen videos of Muslims converted to Christianity and give their testimonies. I’ve also read a book by a man who came out of the New Age Movement. Thought the testimonies were hart-warming, I had notice with some of them (those who went into enough detail in their testimonies) that they chose some wrong sources for gaining Christian knowledge.

In the book, “Inside the New Age Nightmare,” the author told of one of the first things that he did for his Christian learning and that is watch televangelists on TV. This was a dangerous thing that he did. Of course, he didn’t know it, and perhaps you don’t know it, either. The problem is that many of these TV preachers are teaching a false Christ. But more about that later. The point I want to make is, that there is a GREAT NEED for Christians to be lead in the right direction – not only people who recently accepted Christ as their personal Saviour but even those who have been Christian all their lives. The reason for this is, that evil people have crept in to the churches over the years; false teaching that has come from eastern religions like Hinduism and Buddhism has crept in, repackaged to make it look and sound like Christian but it is not. This has been going on big time for the past several decades that ANY Christian has to carefully navigate through the murky waters of evil. With that in mind, I’m writing this article to do my part in helping people to be able to know who or what to avoid and why.

I look back on my life as a Christian and it took years of studying and being guided by the Holy Ghost to be able to keep on the path of truth. It took time to find the right pastors, reading the right books to know the God’s truth.

With that in mind, I would like to present to you, for your consideration, where to find True Christian teaching. With that, I want to start with the Bible. But before I do, I would like to say something about the structure of this article.

How to get the most from this article

To get the most of your Christian study, I very strongly suggest that you go through this in the order that I present things. You may read the whole article to get the gist of it, but go back to the beginning and watch the videos and read the books (booklets) that I have links to. I know that this will take time to go though this, but this must not be looked at as a simple article where you read it as fast as you can and go on reading something else. PLEASE read this as part of your Christian study. And, as you watch the videos and read the books, pray on what you have read and be lead by the Holy Ghost. We are told to be fully equipped and put on the full armour to fight this spiritual warfare that we are now in. With that said, let’s move on to the Bible.

Lesson 1

The Right Bible

Some of you may be think, “Start with the Bible,” which is true. However, the enemies of Christ have covered that, too. Let me ask you, what kind of Bible do you have now? If you were to go out and buy another Bible, what kind would you get? If you answered, “any kind,” you would be wrong.

Unfortunately, not all Bibles are the same. Over the past 100 years many different versions of the Bible have been made. Why? The main reason is to “support” the beliefs of a particular denomination. This is nothing new; the Mormons have their bible and the Jehovah Witness have theirs, and so it goes with others. You can go into a Lutheran church, for example, and find people with different versions of the Bible. You can compare versions of the bible with each other and see that there are many changes. You can take a New International Version (NIV) and compare that to the King James Version and notice the major changes.

So, what Bible version should you have? You should have the 1611 King James Version. I know you have a lot of questions on this, so I would recommend that you click here for more information.

Click Here

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For the 1611 King James Version  Click Here

You can get your 1611 KJV online for free in digital format.

For a great Bible software, I highly suggest you go to: There, you can get the KJV and other versions and do your comparison. You’ll also be able to download other Bible study aids. Most of what you can download is for free, too.

The reason for these links is for several reasons: 1 – that it would save me writing what others have already written; 2 – some of these links are videos; 3 – you can progress at your own pace as you read each book or watch a video.

Lesson 2

False Preachers

There are many false preachers out there. So if you think that just by watching a televangelist or by going to your corner church you’ll find the truth, sadly to tell you, you won’t. Here is one link below, but you can do your own research if you think that I’m just picking on one preacher. Go to YouTube and do a search with: false preachers, false televangelist and see what you come up with.

Some of the big names of the “wolves in sheep’s clothing” are: Joel Osteen, Benny Hinn, Ken Copeland and, yes, Oprah Winfred (she calls herself a preacher). These people have millions of followers. Oprah has 10s of millions of followers. So, as a new Christian you can easily be following one of them. In fact, there are millions of people who have been Christian all their lives sincerely believe these people.

Click Here

For those who just got out of the New Age Movement, some of the satanic teaching that goes on there are in the churches. Here is a link below. I encourage for you to do your own research. If you are really searching for the truth, do your own research; stop and think if what they are saying is the truth, then act on it.

Click Here

If Oprah is someone you look up to, check this out…

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Lesson 3

Rapture and Hell

98% of the churches teaches that there is a rapture. This is a lie, as it’s not biblical. This booklet will tell you the origins of it and why it’s important to know it. When faced with Christians who believe in a Rapture, they will tell you, “There is no need to do anything, we’ll be rapture out of here.” Basically, a belief in the Rapture makes Christian couch potatoes.

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Again, nearly every Christian is taught that there is a burning hell that people will burn forever. Ask yourself this – would a loving God burn people in hell because they don’t believe in him? Find out what the real meaning of hell is in the ancient Hebrew and Greek and how this was changed to literally scare you into accepting Christ. God has limits on punishment and what type of punishment; burning was never one of them. God condemns cruel punishment so why would he do that which he forbids? Read, The Dead Are Asleep.

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Thou Shalt Surely Die

Click Here

Islam: A Cruel Religion

With all the news today of the Muslim flooding Europe, we hear a lot about Islam. Is Islam a peaceful religion? Find out what scientist and researcher of Islam has to say. You will be shocked at what they believe. Islam is more of a political ideology than a religion. Watch the videos of Bill Warner at:

Lesson 4

Who We Are

It’s vital to know who we are when reading the Bible. Many Christians are conditioned to say, “It’s not important,” or “What difference does it make.” A Christian that knows his Bible will tell you it’s very important.

Heirs to the Promise

Click Here

Marks of Israel

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Lesson 5

Best Way to Expose Evolution

There are many ways to show the evolution fraud, and you can do it many ways. However, you still have those “die hards” that refuse to believe. Well, there is another way to expose evolution and when you see these videos below it will also tell the listener of other Bible truths. Warning: this information is not taught in even fundamentalist churches – only because they have not been exposed to it. When you first view this video you’ll think this is ridicules, but be patient and watch it – then make your decision. Here are just two videos but feel free to do your own research, too.

Video One

Video Two

Lesson 6

Is God’s Laws Done Away With?

Going to your average church, you would think that God’s laws were done away with. But what was done away with – the laws or the rituals? Jesus said that heaven and earth would pass away before one jot of the law is changed. In other words, since Heaven and earth will always be here, so will his laws.

Do you really want prosperity in the land? If you do, then we need God’s laws on money. (Only one book is listed here to illustrate the point that it would be crazy to do away God’s laws.) Man is very strange, what Christians are really saying that it’s OK to do away with God’s laws but don’t dare do away with man’s laws!

Here is the booklet that has woken thousands of people up titled, Billions for the Bankers, Debts for the People.

Click Here

Lesson 7

Sermons That Will Change Your Life

Do a YouTube search for: Pastor Sheldon Emry for some of the best sermons you’ll hear. (Some are “politically incorrect” but they are biblically correct – which is what counts.) Emory cuts through a lot of the lies that are told in churches today. There are other pastors I could recommend but I don’t want to overwhelm you.

I pray that this article, along with the links, will show you the glorious world that our Saviour, Jesus Christ has for us.

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