Anti-Fags Denier Entry Into Ireland

Anti-Fags Denier Entry Into Ireland

Fundamentalist pastor Steven Anderson has been denied entry into Ireland because of his stand against homosexuals by the so-called “The Minister for Justice and Equality”, Charlie Flanagan. This has made Yahoo News (Click Here for full article).

This has come as no surprise to the sick world that we live in today. The question is, when will it happen to all countries? There could come a day when you are tag, through computer collecting data, that if you hold anything beliefs that are contrary to what is acceptable, you will not be allowed to travel abroad anywhere. I’m sure that this is what the antichrists are aiming for.

For Steven Anderson, he is well known in certain circles and has a YouTube site. So, this is how the Irish government heard about him, or it could have been by a government agent within the group. I’m just wondering how long YouTube will allow people like him?

As with sick government rulings, most people who left Comments are against what “The Minster of Justice” did. This show the Marxists leaders that most of the people do not agree with them. Just check out the Comments at the end of the article on Yahoo.

Anderson was scheduled to preach to a group of people there. One suggestion is, that Anderson can use Skype. Of course, people can watch videos and go to his website, which is what they had done to begin with as that is how they heard about him.

It doesn’t end with Steven Anderson going to Ireland, as you know social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have been closing accounts of those who do not hole “politically acceptable” views. It’s just a matter of time before they increase the circle of their nets to include other thoughts other thoughts that are not acceptable, like: White people are the Chosen People of God, that we should have God’s laws as the laws of the land, that we should not mix our race, etc., etc.

My advice is to find other ways to get the truth out. And to get to the place where you want to live before it’s too late – places where there is a bit more freedom.

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