An Unbiased Look At Government

An Unbiased Look At Government

  When we hear in the news on a daily bases of, this person is a terrorist, this group is a terrorist, or even if they use the word “criminal”, ask yourself, “Who are the real terrorists or criminals?”

In a court of law, you can not be the judge and jury – this, we all know. So, to get an unbiased opinion of who is a terrorist or criminal, you can not have the government or the media controlled who is heavily influenced by the government be the judge and jury. With that in mind, let’s take a look at history. We can even take a look of “the politically acceptable” history and see who are the world’s trouble makers.

If you pick up any history book at look at the ancient world of 2,000 years ago, you have the Romans fighting the Gauls, the Iberians (where modern day France and Spain is). Before this time you had those in Troy and Greece fighting whomever). If you look at 16th century to 19th century, you had all these European wars when Spain was fighting England, England fighting France, the Franco-German War. We are talking about hundreds of wars over this period of time, right? People Left, Right and Centre of the political spectrum agree, there is no argument.

If you look at the 20th and 21st century, nothing has changed. In the 20th century you had seen the biggest blood bath the word had ever seen, mainly by the antichrist Commies (Communists). There is no dispute there. And it has not ended in this century, just look at the wars in the northern African states and in the Middle East, mainly caused by the UK and the US.

In wars, as you well know is, death, destruction, disease, fear, terror, lost of property, followed by common robbery, murder and rape. This is nothing new. But look at what is included – terror. If you cause terror, the noun is “terrorist”.

True, not all wars is both sides responsible but there is at least one side responsible and the other nation is nearly defending itself – trying to match firepower with firepower.

What am I getting at?

Simply, that governments have caused terror on people, even “elected” governments. This includes the so-called “hollowed name of democracy”. (The short form of democracy that some people are using is “demons”.)

It’s criminals that are causing these wars, in the sense of street gangs or mafia. It’s not some guy hiding in a cave with a mobile phone directing all this, it’s recognized governments of the world, and that includes those in the “first world nations”.

In fact, it goes a step further, civil wars are caused by governments; assassination within a country. When laws are made and it makes the ordinary person a criminal (because he is defending himself) when the government uses force to take away his property or because the parents won’t allow their child to be vaccinated.

So, who do we have to fear? Some terrorist 3,000 miles away or our own government? The answer is obvious!

As a side note, not all wars are done by terrorists, for if a nation is attacked by an aggressor nation, that nation has a right to defend themselves with force – just like if an criminal armed comes into your home or attacks you on the street.


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