“If Muslims Would Only Get Along”

  Liberals and even some good Bible believing Christians say, “If Muslims would only get along and integrate into society, we wouldn’t have all this hatred,” or words to this effect. Liberals are great in saying that the cause of our social unrest is that the Muslims (and other non-Christians) that come into our country would only get along everything would be fine!

I say, thank God that the Muslims (and other third world people) don’t integrate! Why? Because that is not what Yahweh, God wants us to do, otherwise there wouldn’t be geographic separation of countries! (Just read the many, many verses in the Bible that tells you that we should separate ourselves.) The exception would be of doing business with them, and strangers in the land that are visiting. Like when King Solomon had some foreigners to build the Temple.

As bad as these killings are, as bad as the bombing and stealing that is going on, this should tell you something. Think about it – IF God wanted us to mix, He could easily make the other races “to get along,” but that is not what you see happening.

Despite all this talk about diversity, race-mixing, we are all equal, etc., that people – not matter what race they are – people segregate themselves in where they live and their social socials. Of course, you have the odd-ball who thinks that everyone is equal and live their life so and becomes friends with them. But we often read about these race-mixer White people who are murdered or raped by living among the other races or by visiting other countries that are not of the same racial stock.

If God wanted us to mix, it’s strange of Him to create the races so that their instincts are to be separate (as well as our own instincts). It’s also strange of God to non-whites live hundreds and even thousands of miles apart! This would be the last thing God would do IF He wanted one big “happy family” of the same “race”! But such we don’t see because it was intended that the races should live and develop separately.


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