Can Social Tracking System Come To Where You Live?

Could This Communist, Antichrist System Come To Where You Live?

I would not be surprised to see this ‘social tracking score’ come to where you live. For now, it’s being tested in China.

You often here misinformed Patriots use the words, nazis or fascist but who are doing these things? The Communists – which is the Police State! Here is just the latest example.

Could this be what the Bible says that no one shall be able to buy without having the mark of the beast?

Christians have all kinds of ways of fighting back, but for now the people deserve what they get as they voted for the criminals in office!

We are told in the Bible to flee the city (Jerusalem). This was referring to the Fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD. But the principle is clear and that is: When ever there is danger where you live – flee! God did not say, ‘Flee only if you have enough money.’ So, those who did flee Jerusalem, for example, where able to live. Well, in America, there are millions who have already fled and are living in a country where there is more freedom.

So, who will be left behind when this ‘Mark of the Beast’ comes? Those that are creating the problem, those who are complacent, or don’t give a damn. Let them pay the price, while good Christians are living elsewhere.

It could turn out that the Liberals that remain in the country, when they do wake up, will have to live off the wealthy who caused and support this ‘social tracking system’, because they can’t buy or sell.

Is it any wonder why wealthy Chinese people are buying property abroad? Places like Vancouver, Spain and Cyprus. They are preparing to leave in case they have to. They have paid top price in order to secure their property. Think about this when this social tracking system comes to your country!



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