Sri Lanka Explosions in Churches and Hotels

Sri Lanka Explosions in Churches and Hotels

Many are calling it the work of Muslims

  News just in is, that there has been multiple bombings of churches and hotels in Sri Lanka. Click Here to read the whole story.

What you will not hear is apologies from world leaders to the Sri Lanka people like you did with the mosque shootings in New Zealand. You will not hear the call for going after Leftists, antichrists like you heard about going after White Nationalists in New Zealand (which the shooter was NOT by the way). In another day this will all be forgotten, whereas as the New Zealand shooting you heard it in the news for a week.

What I would like you to see are the Comments that are coming in about this – some of which are below. Just about everyone sees through the lies that the antichrists have written. The public is telling it like it is.


Will there be the same security measures for churches as there was for mosques after the NZ attack? I won’t hold my breath.

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Mark 27 mins ago

It isn’t even headline news on the BBC and Sky news.

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PsykoAstral 27 mins ago

No doubt an Easter gift from the peaceful ones.

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Starr 22 mins ago

Horrific. May the deceased RIP, condolences to all affected.

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Roadrunner 20 mins ago

So sad. My mind does wonder need to explain why. BUT at least Sri Lanka have bought in the Army..about time UK did the same,

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Stoney 42 mins ago

Not the religion of peace surely?

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Rosie 17 mins ago

There’s something particularly vile and filthy about bombing a place of worship because it is sure to be full of families who have gone to pray.

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Hammy 20 mins ago

So if a terrorist attacks a mosque in Christchurch it is described as a right wing extremist terrorist attack. Does it not follow that when multiple attacks occur in sri Lanka churches it is a left wing extremist terrorist attack?

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D 10 mins ago

Praying is not enough. ACTION is needed.

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Howard 22 mins ago


The NZ attack was classed as a racist attack. But there is no mention of the same when Muslims attack Christian churches.

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Al Lei 20 mins ago

the work of that peaceful religion again…

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Dean 29 mins ago

I’m sure the NZ PM will be quick to condemn the Muslim terrorists…surely??? No??

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Jonah 10 mins ago

Corbyns friends at it again.

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Stuart 23 mins ago

Islam is at it again.

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wilbur 31 mins ago

more cowardly stuff from friendly muslims, I’ll just keep the rest of my thoughts to myself, but roll on brexit

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L S 30 mins ago

Islam, the religion of pieces.

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Hadenough 8 mins ago

Is this incicdent going to recieve as much ongoing coverage, for at least a week, as the Christchurch incident did? It will be forgotten by Tuesday, too many other bombs going off elsewhere in the meantime.

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