Encounter Between American Indian and White Teenagers

Encounter Between American Indian and White Teenagers

Not long ago we were told of how a horrible White male teenager acted towards an American Indian. We saw the video of a white boy smiling at an Indian grunting and pounding his drum – not the video that was before or after, but just this little clip. This, we were told was a ‘hate crime’. Well, it turns out to be more FAKE NEWS as usual!

On the ABC News YouTube channel (king of the fake news), we see the whole story. Even with the whole story shown, the ABC News reporter still twisted it. Take a look here at the video and I’ll make more comments below…

Here you see some teenagers enjoying themselves, in their own group and singing some high school song. Then you have this American Indian walk right up to the group with his chanting of some Indian pagan worship and pounding his drum. Not only did he walk up to the group, but got right in the face of a boy that was right in front of him. All the boy did was smile; he didn’t call him names, he didn’t hit him but just smile. So, what is wrong with this Snowflake?!

What is wrong is what the INDIAN DID and not what the White teenager did. Hasn’t this pagan learned that it’s not polite to ‘crash’ another group; that it’s not polite to walk right up to someone with only a couple of inches separating you, sing right in their face and pound your drum! Perhaps he should get off his Reservation and go to a White man’s town, and learn some manners!

It would not be polite if a White man went up to another White man and sang right in his face. Etiquette dictates that you should have a couple of feet between you and someone else – even if you are just having a normal conversation. Now, breaking up someone else’s business, and pounding your drum is even worse. Yet, if this happened between two White people, for example, it would not be covered in the news, as this would not be a news event. And IF a fight broke out, it would the fault of the guy that walked right up to the other one. In this case, it would be the American Indian’s fault.

Let’s say this White boy might have been a leftist; he might have been a race-mixer. What else could he have done but this? Now, I don’t know what this White boy’s beliefs are but let’s say it was a Leftist, a darling of the Press, he would have just stood there and smiled – like you see in this video. Now, if it was a Leftist and say they had a blog or Facebook page that showed he’s a member of some equalitarian group, and his picture was used to create a ‘hate crime.’ He would have screamed to the media. And you know what the media would have done? Probably squash the story – which had happened to someone else not long ago, but I don’t recall the details. Of course, if this guy was not well known in Leftists circles, they could have gone ahead and published it in order to show ‘the increase in hate crimes.’

In fact, if the White teenager, who was minding his own business, had his back to the wall, and if he pushed the Indian down, he would be in the right. Why? Because the other person got too close. When you get that close you don’t know what to expect but that it will be bad. So, naturally, you will not wait until it’s too late to react. Like I said if this was between two Anglo-Saxons and one pushed the other, everyone would know that it was the person who walked up to the other, who provoked the incident that would be guilty – even if he was the guying being pushed.

When I saw the first video, which was a short clip, I had thought that the boy and the group walked up to the Indian who was minding his own business. I thought, along with millions of other, probably, that the boy walked right up to the Indian and got in his face. We assume this because of what we are told by the deliberately lying reporter told us. But when you see the preceding part of the video that was cut out, you get the truth. And, when you see the rest of the video, that was cut out, you get more of the truth. This editing had nothing to do with time constraints, because if it did, it would not have made the news in the first place! It was not a news worthy event. But it was done to pit one race against another. Well, people are waking up and they know who to go after; they know who is behind all this.

Other Things To Note

Normally, people who follow you like the videos that you put up, otherwise they would not subscribe. What what do we see here? We see much more Thumbs Down than Thumbs Up. Ha, ha, ha. 2.5k Likes and 4.4k Dislikes!

Also notice the Comments. There are too many to see (nearly 9,000) but just reading about 20 of them you see that people are really getting sick and tired of “White people bashing”! Like I said for many years now, with all this biased news, it is the mainstream news media that is turning people into racists, of making people racially aware and being proud to be White in the first place. Ha, ha, ha! Don’t believe me? Just read some of the comments.

Some Viewers Comments

Fake News. All fake news outlets are going to crumble if they don’t change their ways. Watch the WHOLE video!

You should be ashame for reporting false information.

4 days ago

Hoss Cartwright

Yeah, how dare they stand there peacefully while a man is pushing a drum in their face… 😂

Chiny E

Fake news! Journalists why don’t you practice journalism anymore!Shame, Shame, Shame!

Jewlz Cartagena

I don’t get it. What exactly happened? It doesn’t seem like much of anything was happening

5 days ago

Liberals are evil.

4 days ago


ABC trying to take the crown of fake news network

4 days ago


Maybe show the full video? No, inciting anger is more fun.

6 days ago

Noel Ramos

Jesus anytime it’s a minority going against a white person, the white persons automatically in the wrong, especially when it’s a white male.

But with the left it doesn’t stop there, If you’re being opposed by a minority you automatically committed a hate crime.

4 days ago

Catholic School Reaction

There was a comment by the Catholic school that the teenagers went to, that there will be some disciplinary action, even expulsion. Even if this does happen, it would be good in that the students and parents would see that this would be another false teaching of the Catholic church. In other words, if God wants you to leave a place, it is actions like that would do it. Take a look at this as a good sign – get out of Babylon!

Whenever someone is punished for a ‘hate crime’ do they really believe it will change people? Do they actually think that when someone is fined or given jail time that it will turn them into race-mixers? Of course not and thank God for this. They become convinced that what they did was right; they would see what happened to them as more injustice – which it is.

We have all read in the Bible that God turns all things into good. In this case, while we may suffer, what the evil leaders are actually doing is, turning millions of people into being racially conscious; of being proud of being White and what the White Christians have done to the world. Just taking a look at the thousands of Comments on this one video alone will tell you that. Probably, most of these people woke up because they learned either through the hard way or being able to see through the blatant lies of the fake news media.

Keep a lookout for the next ‘hate crime’ news; analysis it and make your own conclusions.


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