Mike Adams on Sex

Mike Adams on Sex

So-called Christian/Patriot

  In the video labelled: The great LGBT anal cancer cover-up, Mike Adams said the following:

“I tend to be a social libertarian, in I believe each individual has a right, the right to live their lives the way they want to live it.

“So, I’m in favour of, I’m simply pro-choice in almost everything, including your choice in how you wish to live. But our choices have consequences and that is where science comes in. (Science) is because it’s about cause and effect.

“I believe in each individual life, to life to live the life they want to.”

I bring this up only because many, many people see Mike Adams as one of leaders of the Christian/Patriotic movement. While Mike is right on many issues, such as vaccines, he is definitely wrong in his belief, as stated above. Christian/Patriots of 30 years ago would been appalled by his stand. This is not Christian, and thus, not Patriotic! Do we read in the Bible where “we have a right to live the life we chose”? Of course not. Do we have the right of “pro-choice”? Of course not! That is the stand that Leftists and Communists make; this is the stand that the LGBT and Abortionists take – so, why are we to take that stand?

Mike Adams is against transgender but he is FOR homosexuals. The fact is, that Bible believing Christians should be against both!

Do you see what the Edomites are doing? They have put someone like Mike Adams in the forefront of the Christian Patriot movement and have him blur the line on important issues – and it has worked, as hundreds of thousands follow him! Well, maybe not all of them have the same belief as he does, they are just subscribers because of the issues that he is right on.

It’s about time that people who do consider themselves Christians start reading the Bible to see what God really said and not to take a stand and support that which God condemns.

In ancient Israel, when the people went into disobedience, did they not want to have “freedom of choice?” They sure did! They wanted to follow what the neighbouring tribes did; to worship their gods and to have their laws as the laws of the land. That is why Yahweh, God had to punish him.

The ironic thing with Adams is, that he contradicted himself and he wasn’t smart enough to know it and hoped that you were not smart enough to notice it. He said, “But our choices have consequences and that is where science comes in. (Science) is because it’s about cause and effect.” Well, he is exactly right there and that is why we have the problems that we do. That is why ancient Israel had the problems they had and why modern-day Israel (the Christian nations) have their problems with crime, poverty, disease, etc. The consequences is that God – the Creator of Science – sees that when certain things happen there is an affect. And the effect that is talked about in Adam’s video (which is with an article) at: http://bit.ly/sex-chg-words This website (healthline.com) are changing words relating to sexual organs to one that is “neutral.” The reason why we have such sick people that go along with it is because we have people in positions of power or influence that are not Christian. But would Adams be against allowing such people in power? No, as that is not “politically correct!”

The point I want to make is, that there are some people in government government would go along with what the people at healthline.com says. But, God forbid such people to rule over us – as it has CONSEQUENCES!

To sum up, there are some people who have good information on certain topics but there are other topics that they are completely wrong on – and they should know better! Anyhow, we should practice what the Bible says when it talks on having discernment.


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