Is This The End to Free Speech, part 2

Is This The End to Free Speech, part 2

The faithful will survive!

Many people in the world thinks that America still has free speech and many Americans believe that, too – except for Americans who had spoken out. If you are like most readers of this website, you probably had voiced your thoughts and beliefs on certain subjects and you know what happened. At the least, people thought you were crazy, others called you names that are supposed to scare you off. And, if you had voiced your beliefs (not just opinions) you might have lost your job. There are many who have lost their friends – or whom they thought were their friends. Well, others would say, “You still have free speech; that doesn’t mean that others have to agree with you.” Well, if this is all that happens to people who believe in conspiracies, for example, we would have no complaint. But we know that it goes much further than that.

If you are still going to the main-line churches and you tell them about Christian Identity, you would probably be warned first; if you persist, you would probably be asked to leave. At the very least, you would not have any friends if you continue to go to church (which is one good reason to not be there).

Aside from our own personal experience, the real threat and proof that we don’t have free speech in America – despite the 2nd Amendment – is what the news media and educational system do to those who go counter to what is acceptable.

  When you read about “how wonderful it is that the races are mixing;” when you read of all the articles that are in support of race mixing, you would think that the whole nation believes it (if you were an uniformed person). By looking at the space and coverage that is given to this topic, you’d think that only the very few and loony people believe in keeping the races separated. You can take another topic, such as 911, the Kennedy assignation, or the wars that America has been in, and you would think that the nation is of one accord. Well, we know such is not the case.

We know that there are millions of people who believe in the right to own guns, but if you hear the talking heads on the nightly news, that they are in the minority. In short, the media and educational system does not give equal time to those who oppose what is forced on us. And, IF there is any coverage, it’s always negative and a lot of editing went into the interview to make us look like nuts. So, the fact that only one view is shown in the news, is one indication that Americans don’t have free speech. I can say this to other White nations of the world, too.

If we really had free speech, you’d would see some other newspapers represent the Christian/Patriotic side but you don’t. But the real coute de ta of the death of free speech is when you have behemoth corporations like Google and Facebook deleting accounts by people that they don’t agree with them. Instead of having elite troops go in to their headquarters and forcing them to re-instate accounts, the government allows them to get away with it. In fact, they are encouraging them. What should be done is:

forcing them to change by sending troops in to their headquarters, if necessary
having them change their so-called corporation policies
if they persist, taking the corporation away from them and giving it to the employees as equal share holders

Now, you’d have some people screaming saying, “This is Communism!” but it is really? When Facebook and Google, for example, have been doing their utmost to crush opposition because of their size – that is Communism!

If the above was done, you would have liberals and antichrists screaming like babies, but in a short time, the People will be shouting with joy with their new-found freedom.

While I talk about “freedom” don’t get me wrong. Bible believing Christians don’t believe that you should say anything and do anything under the guise of freedom – we are not. Are we to have freedom to end Christian morality? Are we to have freedom to end Christian laws of the land? Of course not! Just reading your Bible you’ll see many examples of this, e.g., when kings wanted freedom to practice the heathen religions of people that surrounded them.

So, in short, we don’t have freedom of speech – in a Christian context – and neither does any nation on earth have it.

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