Alt-Right Media Personalities Denied Entry to U.K.

Alt-Right Media Personalities Denied Entry to U.K.


Three prominent activists with the so-called alt-right have been denied entry to the United Kingdom.

U.S. activist Brittany Pettibone, who hosts a nationalist podcast, was prevented entering the country alongside Austrian far-right leader Martin Sellner on Friday. Canadian YouTube blogger Lauren Southern was denied entry Monday.

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Here is something that should concern all Christian Patriots and that is the above article. It seems like the enemies of Christ are really trying to stop the spreading anything that goes against their New World Order.

  Here, they are denying the freedom of movement of White Nationalists. It seems to be OK for radical Muslims to enter the country but not White Nationalist. The UK Government can’t claim ignorance allowing these Muslims in. When you have young males coming from war-torn Syria where there are ISIS troops fighting, you can be sure that most of them are terrorists. But that seems to be OK. But if it’s White Christians who are just going to give a talk and meet with others of like mind, this is not allowed.

How Far Will This Go

One way to predict the future is by looking at the direction that laws are taking us. Since is appears that if you hold certain views you are not allowed in a country – because you pose a “risk.” Well, it’s just a matter of time they do it to their own people.

So, what will your own country do in the future? The UK is not the only country that doesn’t allow certain people in their country. Will there be a time, in the near future, when a person’s own country doesn’t want them. Since people have to reside somewhere, where will the government put their own Christian Nationalists, for example? If the enemies of Christ have their own way, they would like to see all of us in prison. After all, “We are a danger to society!” Then, what comes next? Will we see a little later in time when they will want us killed?

Do you see the writing on the wall? I hope you do. Move out of Babylon of Revelation now! Maybe you should move to a country that has more freedom; to travel where you can while you can.

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