Gun Ownership of the Past and Present

Gun Ownership of the Past and Present

Getting a True Perspective of Guns and Violence


With the recent Florida school shooing that took place 14 February, there is the cry from liberals and Communists about gun control. It is incidents like this along with the every day gang shootings that happens in every large city in America, that liberals say, “It’s time that guns were banned, it’s not like it was in 1776 or 1876,” ad nausea, ad nausea. Included in with the people who say this are those Christians who say “We are not under the Law.”

The Christian Patriot can give an explanation about keeping guns even with so many deaths that are happening each year. So, why is there violence (real and faked) when there was no violence like we see today that happened years ago? This has not been fully addressed. The Christian Identity people and other Patriots would just go back to our Constitutional right of keep guns.

Well, here is something to consider. This is something that the Right and Left can agree on. When we make a comparison from the past to the present, you have to consider what we had in the past, what didn’t have in the past. Then you have to look at what we don’t have now and what we do have now. From there, we can continue.

The faithful will survive!


(17th, 18th, 19th century)

We Had:

A Christian country, which, during the Colonial Era, we followed biblical laws. As the 19th century came, there were less Christian laws on the books but it mainly followed Christian moral principles. We still had Bible reading in the schools, we had a higher percentage of people going to churches. Blacks were not exempt from the law because of their “economic disadvantage.”

What We Didn’t Have:

  • SSRI drugs
  • Street drugs
  • Criminals coming in from just about every country in the world
  • Leniency towards criminals (especially non-whites)
  • High usage of alcohol
  • Situation ethics taught in schools
  • Pornography
  • Anti-Christian films and TV shows
  • Anti-Christian books
  • Edomites (anti-Christians) in control of politics, media and entertainment
  • Destruction of God’s Laws, Statues and Judgements
  • Violence promoted by Hollywood
  • Violent video games
  • Rap music that promotes and encourages the murdering of White people, including robbing and raping
  • Teaching students about the “evil White man”
  • Instilling “White guilt” in students
  • Street gangs
  • Various races that hate each other such as the Blacks and the Mexicans

All of the above, early America did NOT have for anyone who has an IQ over that of a cucumber. This can not be argued away. Even if you like this kind of social engineering, the FACT IS that we did not have drugs the antidepressants that make people murder others.

We did not have gangs numbering in the thousands in our largest cities that kill each other, kill Whitey because they are simply White or that they have money.

So, with all the bad things that America did NOT have, naturally, crime was lower even though guns were easier to buy, more people had them and there were no background checks. Because we didn’t have what we have in society today made early America a safer society.

I could go into much more detail for those who doubt me, but I’ll have to leave it at that so as to keep this at article length.

Dodge City

We all know the story of Wyatt Earp who banded guns in Dodge City. Why this occurred was because many cowboys who came to town, after driving their cattle to the markets, got drunk. The city officials knew that alcohol and guns don’t mix.

Throughout the West, saloon owners had customers turn in their guns while in their establishment – all in order to cut down on gun violence. Though people knew back then that not everyone who drinks and carries a gun will kill someone, they knew that a small percentage of people do, especially those who have a short temper.

Customers complied with the owner’s laws, yet everyone was pro 2nd Amendment.

You might know people, who when they get drunk, they start a fight. That doesn’t mean that everyone is like this but the fact that there is even one in 20 chance of this happening, there is reason for concern when that person has a gun, has a short temper and gets into an argument.

Speed up to the 21st century. There are other things that push people over the edge besides alcohol that we have learned. But first, I would like to make a list of what we have in society today and what we don’t have, just like we did when we discussed the Past.

Note: While immigrants did not have anything to do with the Florida shooting, the reason why this video is posted is simple to show that this is one of the things we should not have (see the video) in our country IF we truly want to have peace and prosperity.


What we have:

We have is what we DID NOT HAVE in the past. Just take a look at the list above and I’m sure you agree that we have all this. Some examples are: violent lyrics in music, the glorifying of death in movies and on TV, the antidepressant drugs that affects some people adversely, and the thousands of gang members that fill out largest cities.

We have people coming into this country – legally and illegally – that come from a backward society where violence is a way of life. You also have the criminal element coming from many of these countries. In other words, the average person from Guyana is not engaged in crime, that doesn’t mean the same applies to those who come to America for the “easy pickings” are not involved in crime. Then, you have them buy a gun and, Wamm, you have violence.

What we don’t have:

What we don’t have in society that we did have in the past is, we do not have Christian teaching of the law in schools. We don’t have judgements handed out according to God’s laws, and we did not have “situation ethics” taught, which means, “If it feels good, do it.”

With all this in mind, is it any wonder why we have violence today? You can take away all the guns and you’ll still have violence. Just look at the UK. Knife killings are off the charts, now even gun killings are going up – even though the guns that are used are illegal.

To sum all this up, there are many things that do not mix with guns; that includes not only substances but also certain people who are unruly and don’t know the Christian mode of conduct. When you eliminate these factors, you’ll have gun crime go down to 17th and 18th century levels.

What is the solution?

Not “Politically Correct”

Why don’t we do what is right? The answer is simple, that it is not politically correct. It seems that people in White countries would rather go down in destruction than to be called a “racist, bigot” or some other label.

Think about all the factors that make for gun violence. If we eliminated the problem, it would offend: certain groups of people, certain religions, and certain corporations. Just look over the above list of “What we don’t have,” and you’ll see.

Even certain corporations would be offended. The fact that billions of dollars a year is made by the manufactures of antidepressant drugs, they do not what to see their profits stop. Of course, they can’t call you a “nazi” or “racist” so they have another tactic. They say things like: “Science have proved that there is no harmful effects of _____.” Or, “Tests have shown ______.”

Food manufactures don’t want to be told that a high sugar content and colouring agents in food cause some people to become violent. The reason why is that they control the departments of government that is to oversee the safety of our food and drugs; they also control what the media prints through their advertising budget.

The solution is NOT what liberals, atheists and others would have you believe, and that is the elimination of guns or even just the automatic weapons. If you did have a gun ban, you’d have criminals getting their hands on the guns anyway. What we have to do is to get back to Yahweh’s Laws, Statues and Judgements – it’s plain and simple! This applies not only to America but every Christian nation (or former Christian nation). When we do this, we will have the blessing that God promised in Deuteronomy 28 chapter, verses 1-14; but if we don’t, we’ll have the curses that are found in the rest of chapter 28 of Deuteronomy.

Click Here to view, “Should Christians Enforce God’s Laws?”

Chose ye this day whom you will follow? Will it be Christ or will it be the followers of the antichrists? As for me and my family, we’ll follow Yahweh, God.


3 responses to “Gun Ownership of the Past and Present

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  2. One thing to keep in mind is the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012. It lifted the ban on govt made propaganda being used on the American people, that the original Smith-Mundt Act, a Cold War piece of legislation, had made illegal. Of course this fits in w/Edomites being in control of the mass media (and banks, music, film industry, etc) and strangers ruling over us. What is interesting about this is the almost complete lack of mention this Act gets even in the alternative media which is either increasingly co-opted, sponsored by the (((establishment))) or outright censored. The fake/hoax shootings+real govt involved attacks, and use of deceiving vocabulary words like gun deaths hide the fact that violent crime esp by firearms is actually down substantially over the last 25-30 years according to the govt’s own stats (FBI’s Uniformed Crime Report) Ie: gun deaths/violence not only accounts for murders but also adds in suicides and accidents to make the problem appear bigger than it is. The large events aka psy-Ops/false flags (see admitted F.F. like Operation Gladio in W.Europe when the W. European govts carried out bombings+shootings on their own people to build up support for increased police-state measures, military spending, legislation, wars, etc) also emotionalizes the topic. People are more prone to agree “something must be done” & are open to manipulation rather than calculated+rational thought processes.

    Good article, you are right, it could go on into book length easily so i understand the limitations.

    Rather than blame the Edomites, much akin to blaming a dog for licking himself, it’s just what he does,we must look at ourselves. An awake, rational God-fearing, and God loving people would never let the Edomite dominate its society. This is evidenced by the over 100+ expulsions by Christian countries of the serpemt seed from their lands in times past. If we are unable to right the ship, we shall suffer the consequences as other populations of Jacob/Israel have over the centuries for dropping God’s law for man’s man and following other gods . Many Christians (NOT Jewdeo-church goers) i have spoken to believe we are entering into the time of Jacobs Trouble/Great Tribulation. One man i respect has been teaching that the flood of Revelation (12 or 13) is of People and is occurring right now as we are being flooded by those who worship strange gods, hate us, and worst of all, are not of the Father…..spiritually or physically (seed)……
    A return to the Father and his law, statutes, and judgements is the only way, however i do not see this happening w/out serious destruction & bloodshed 1st, because that is the only way a stiff-necked, proud people like ourselves learn… An interesting book i received recently via snail mail was “The Bible vs The Constitution” by Pastor Ted Weiland (review of major points online under (or .org[?])
    It amazed me how deceived we are as Christians; as many believe this humanist document is Godly (including myself until recently).,,
    Thanks again for your article, I shall share it…….

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