Prince Charles: Crazy or Evil?

Prince Charles: Crazy or Evil?

It’s bad enough when politicians and royalty kisses up to their adversaries but this one goes OTT. Here you have Prince Charles, next in line to the throne, saying, “we should remember Mohammed at Christmas.” This is diametrically opposed to everything in the Bible said and what Christ stood for. Not only was Mohammed heathen but a mass murderer and this followers are encouraged to do the same.

Here, Prince Charles, parades around in Muslim garb engaging in a ceremony holding a sword. You can be sure that the other Muslim see him as a fool and an idiot; they still classify him as a “kafir” (unbeliever in their language) but see him as a useful tool in their world domination.

For real Christians, and not the “Judeo-Christian” we are to have nothing to do with the heathens, nor celebrate with them in any way.

Check out the article for yourself. You decide Click Here.

“What honours are bestowed upon me in my fight in defense of freedom. The more good you pursue in the era of evil, the more of a monster you’re portrayed as being.”


The Mix Breed Meghan

You all know of who Prince Harry’s girlfriend is, Meghan. She is part Negro, part White and part Jewish (according to the article below). Hey, why not throw in “lesbian” too? After all, this will make today’s sick society even more happy! Anyhow, about the jewishness of her that the article in the link claims – even if she is not part Jewish, she is definitely part black.

Years ago, in British Royalty, you could not marry outside of royalty and you could not marry a divorced woman. Well, all that has changed.

Was Meghan accepted to appease the non-whites that are increasing taking over the country? I think so. Well, she will never see the throne – not for many reasons. The next in line are: Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince George. But the most important reason is what Yahweh, God said and promised us: that the throne of David will continue until Christ comes. That means the seed line of Abraham. The blacks and Jews are not part of the seed line. Christian Identity scholars say that it will end with Queen Elizabeth because her children are not of the pure seed line (from Adam to Abraham to Jacob and onward). The reason is that Prince Philip is part Jewish himself. I believe it was his great grandmother. But that is another article; the source material I don’t recall but you can find this if you do a search. With that in mind, check out the article on the mixed breed Megan.

Click Here for the article.



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