Everyone Is On a Different Page

Everyone Is On a Different Page

  We have to realise that everyone we talk to is on a different page and that is OK. When you discuss a topic with a friend, you expect that person to agree with you on everything, and, conversely, the other person wonders why your thoughts are different than his. This is where differences of belief comes in and even arguments. Think about the first time you heard about the flat earth, did you agree with what that person said? Did you have some thought such as:


he’s a nutter

what an idiot

she must believe it’s a conspiracy

When you first came across the flat earth, how long did it take you to realise that the person you were talking to, or the video viewed was right and you were wrong? This was because you were not on the same page as your friend.

Since you are reading this, I assume we are all on the same page when it comes to Christian Identity. With that in mind, let me go on. Now, that doesn’t mean that because a person is on a different page that he is right or that he is wrong – you have to read what is on that page. Does that make sense?

I don’t know you, but let me assume that you know about a couple of other lies that we have been told, such as: vaccinations, GMO food and chemtrails. Assuming you know that we have been told lies such as: vaccinations are safe, GMO food are safe and that there is no such thing as chemtails. Now, let’s say you believe that the U.S. government’s official story about 9-11 is true and you come across a person that tells you that it was not Arabs that did it but your own government. And you think that anyone that tells you this is (depending on the subject) is:


a conspiracy theorist

White Nationalist

Again, assuming you know about a couple of other lies, as listed previously, but you don’t believe that “our” own government did 9-11, we will continue. If you know that the government, media and educational system lied to us about the so-called safety of GMO food, it should not come as a surprise that we have been lied to in other areas of life, too. Just like the lies we’ve been told about the shape of the earth and that there are billions of other planets, it’s to be expected that we would be lied to in other areas of life.

Learning biblical truths is the most important thing, but there are other truths that we should know. You could call it secular truth but it’s important to know about it as if we believe in what we are told it could harm us. An example is, that vaccinations are dangers and should not be taken as it harm us mentally or physically. It can even kill us. So, while this site is Christian Identity, there are many other topics that should be covered and that is why I introduce them from time to time.

What I would like you to keep in mind is that there are other areas of life that we have been lied to that are pretty controversial that it’s hard to introduce to some people who are on the “political right.” And, if they are on the “political left” forget about it. The topics of chemtrails, vaccinations and GMO food are pretty safe to talk about because it’s not talking about any one race or religion. After all that seems to be the god of the people now a days – that certain races and religions can do no wrong, except the White race and true Christians. They can be demonised all day long and the Leftists that are doing it can do no wrong.

But just think about this, as you have done your research into other topics and what the government and media has been telling us, that you have found just the opposite is true. Well, if there are other things that the government has told you that you agree with, maybe you should find out what the opposite is; find these people and read what they have to say.

Just last week I saw a video that was made by the Allies in 1945/46 and it was the German side of Normandy invasion. I thought, ‘Oh, wow, finally hearing the German side of the war.’

The narrator stated that it was the German view of the invasion. But as I watched it, it was just the German footage and the audio was done by the Americans. It was not a translation but just the film footage was used. This video turned out to be Allied propaganda and not German! Yet they had the audacity to say it was the German side. If it was really the German side, then why didn’t they allow the audio to be heard and let the viewer make up his/her mind? Sure, put in the correct English subtitles but let the other side speak IF they claim it came from the other side. In short, this is the same old tactic that is used today – the tell you what the other side said, instead of letting the other side speak for themselves.

When you are not allowed to hear the other side, or when the other side comes from government sources and are edited in some way, you are not really hearing the other side. You’ve heard this with the Christian Identity teaching: “Christian Identity proponents claim…” which would be a distortion of what we really said.


Not everyone is on the same page, so be patient with them. But if they refuse to listen, then don’t talk to them on that subject again. Maybe the other person will learn the truth in his/her lifetime, maybe not.

For your own learning, when you hear something that is new, check it out from the side that puts it out themselves. Not by the government, media or some other source, but from the side that claims the opposite is true. Then, you make up your own mind. The thing to keep in mind, if the government, for example, is pushing an agenda, you can be sure that the opposite is true, but check it out for yourself.

Life on earth is not like we are children in school (in this manner) that we are all in the same grade learning the same subjects at the same time. And, that our “teachers” are not all telling the truth; some of them are honestly ignorant themselves, while others are deliberately telling lies. It’s up to us to go to God in prayer to guide us and to seek truth wherever it is and however unpopular it is. But remember the words from Scripture:

Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth? Gal 4.16

And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

2 Thess. 2.11

With these two verses in mind, is it any wonder why some people just will not believe? Is it any wonder why we have become enemies of those spread the lies? This is to be expect and it was prophesied in Scripture.


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