Comments Las Vegas Shooting

The Right To Own Automatic Weapons

Comments Las Vegas Shooting

Since when do police allow citizens to be in the line of fire? Notice how calm the citizen are when there is supposed to be shooting going on.

  As you have read and seen the videos and pictures of the Las Vegas shooting recently you probably have come to the conclusion that it was staged, or you have questions about it. There are many things that don’t add up with the conflicting reports and the “official report” of what happened. Well, the latest is, that the shooter did not have 10 guns but 20 guns with him!

This is absurd on the surface, as why would a person have that many, as he knows that he could only use two guns at a time – at the most. And they would be hand guns. Why take that many rifles and automatic weapons to a hotel when he knows that he could be stopped. Now, there is a lot more I can say but because of time, I just want to focus on the most important aspect of this shooting, and that is a question that politicians and the news media has brought up and that is, “Why should any citizen be allowed to own a fully automatic weapons? Why should citizens be allowed to own semi-automatic weapons or even clips that have more than 10 rounds?” People who believe in gun ownership might question this, too.

Well, here is my answer…

Let’s go back in American history when the Second Amendment was passed. It did not exclude certain guns for the people to own. When you look through the years of early American history after our Independence, you had new inventions come about, such as: the first revolver and the Winchester Rifle. These were the best hand-held weapons of their days. Instead of just shooting one shot at a time where you had to reload, you could, “Load it up on a Sunday and shoot all week long,” as a popular saying at the time went. Yet, you did not have Congressmen at that time saying, “There is no reason for citizens to own guns that holds six rounds of ammunition.” What happened was, that people started to buy these guns when they came out on the market. So, you had citizens owning the latest and best hand-held gun as the U.S. Calvary. But today, there seems to be a ‘hue and cry’ that the ordinary person should not own such guns.

When you have people like Pierce Morgan come on American TV and say he believes in people defending themselves but they should not own semi-automatic or automatic weapons as there is no need. When he asks some of the people he’s interviewed this, the response from the pro-gun guests were: “When government rise up against the people there is a need. And, they are right in saying this. Our 2nd Amendment was not to protect the rights of hunters or from Indians but from government turning against the people. Sure, guns were used for hunting back then and for Saxons to defend themselves against Indians but it was primarily against foreign governments or their own. This has been a great deterrent for the past 200 + years for othher nations invading us. If it wasn’t for the people owning guns, who knows what the U.S. Congress would have done themselves?

However, I heard no one who believes in gun ownership ask the following questions: “Why do the police carry automatic weapons? Why do soldiers carry such weapons?”

I saw a t-shirt in the internet the other day that has the word “iPack” and a picture of a semi-automatic gun under that. And under that, were the words to the effect, “Because I can’t fit a policeman in my pocket!” How true, ha, ha, ha!

The police, at most chase, one or a couple of criminals at a time, yet they carry automatic weapons. They have less of a need to do so. The soldiers, on the other hand, might have to face large groups of the enemy, so they need them. Well, that is the whole point – that there are times when you are faced with an enemy that might number in the hundreds or thousands.

I don’t believe that people should have in their possession bombs in their homes or tanks in their driveways but hand-held weapons is another story.

Sure, this murderer could kill many at one time, but it’s not the gun but the person that is responsible. If there were no guns of this type owned by the people that will not stop a mass murder. This did not stop some Muslim killing “we are told”, 85 people in Nice, France, did it? So, an 18-wheeler truck can kill just as many people as an automatic, yet we don’t outlaw tractor trailer trucks, do we?

Guns and alcohol does not mix, as we know. There were many saloon owners that did not allow guns in their establishment during the Old West. There were town ordinances that did not allow it. There is the story of Wyatt Earp in Dodge City, Kansas, that had people turn in their guns. In short, people who are drinking should not be carry guns. Yes, for many people, this is no problem. But the point is, that certain things do not mix with drugs. But what is not mentioned at all is, that antidepressants don’t mix, either. For some people, and I say, some, this makes a person go crazy. This is the case with the shooting in Las Vegas.

Did you know that 20 of the last mass shooting that happened in America were by people who were on such drugs like Ritalin, Prozac and Zoloft and other drugs? No, the media will not tell you that but individual stories do come out that exposes this fact. The fact is, that these drugs should be made illegal to manufacture, sell and consume. They are poison to the human body – period!

I could say much more but I’ll have to stop it for now.



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