Big Lie About Dunkirk

Big Lie About Dunkirk

Musings 21 July, 2017

There is more World War II propaganda; another big lie and this is concerning Dunkirk. A new movie came out called Dunkirk and in it there is a scene of the flight of UK soldiers leaving the beach under attack from the Luftwaffe. What a joke! Ha, ha, ha! Another lie by the anti-christs who are in charge in Hollywood. The truth is, that it was the Germans who allowed the British troops to peacefully leave – on order of Adolf Hitler. And these soldiers knew they were allowed to peacefully leave. The ironic thing is, that a lot of these Allied soldiers owe their lives to Hitler. Of course, that is if they lived through the war, but those who died own their death to their so-called leader, Churchill. Anyhow…

One thing that is in our favor is, the more outlandish the lies are, the more that people will see through it. All they have to do is look in a good picture history book of WWII and see the British troop peacefully queuing up on the beach waiting to board boats of all kinds to pick them up. In fact, the boats that came to pick up the troops also knew that Hitler would not attack, otherwise, they would not have used ordinary fishing boats that had no guns on board. That’s it Jews, keep up the lies, make them bigger so more people can see the Truth!

There are probably a lot more to expose in the film Dunkirk, but I would not waste my time to watch it. And, I certainly would not waste money to do so.

The reason why Adolf Hitler allowed the troops to leave is, that he thought that Churchill and company would come to their senses and make peace, which they didn’t, of course. In hindsight, Hitler probably would not have allowed the UK troops to escape if he knew the war would still continue. He probably would have made them all POWs. I know I would, knowing as I do about the anti-christs, as I know that how these people act; you can’t reason with them. Had Hitler captured them, which he could easily have, the course of the war could have changed. At the very least, Germany would have been able to last that much longer against the hordes of the Communists and their fellow Allies in the West.

So, what do we have now? We have Merkel who said that she wants more Muslims to come to Germany(21 July, 2017)! Well, they may come – up to God’s appointed time – but after that, it will be hell for them. You can see this is how God operates when reading about the heathen who attacked and occupied ancient Israel – that is UNTIL God’s Children repented. Then He gave them the strength to clean the land of all Edomites and other heathens.

In short, what we have now in Europe and other White countries is the result of the Allies winning the war.


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