Modern Day Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing

Modern Day Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing

Weekly Sermon 2 July, 2017

Many people think that ‘the wolves in sheep’s clothing’ are those on the out-side cults but not realising that the ‘wolves’ are in many mainline churches today. While there are false prophets in your typical cults, they are also in many churches. Is your church one of them (IF you still go to church)? This is one reason to get out of your churches today, as many have false teachings, some worse than others.

Check out this video to find out more…

Here is another video (there are a lot more on the internet for your perusal). These are big name TV evangelists. Now, you may not follow them BUT is you preacher using teaching that is? If you are not going to the modern day churches – good for you! However, if you have a family member or friend that is, ask him if their pastor has teaching like those in the video; share the video with him or some similar video. Once you get them to see the errors of their church and that it is out-right blasphemy, THEN they are more likely to listen to Christian Identity truth.




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