Racists: The Dirtiest Word in the Dictionary

Racists: The Dirtiest Word in the Dictionary

Race mixing goes back to the beginning of time.

It seems like the dirtiest word in the dictionary is “racist,” at least it would seem this way if you believe in what the newspapers say. When a person doesn’t like what another person is doing that is of a different race, and he is called a racist, there is that immediate denial by the accused.

If you talk about the Muslim, the Negro or Mexican problem, you are called a racist. The sad part is, people who call themselves Patriots are quick to deny they are a racist. And that goes for most White Christians.

Should we back off being called a racist? I say NO! We should be proud of the word. If someone says, “You must be a racist?” Tell him, “You must be a race-mixer?” Let them know that being a race-mixer is a bad thing and be proud of you being racially aware. If someone say, “I don’t have a racist bone in my body!” Say, “I don’t have a race-mixing bone in my body!” That should make them stop and think.

When the media, the antichrists, academia and the whole world order are against racists, it must be a good thing. Of course, you don’t need to determine if being a racist is a bad thing. Naturally, when the world is against racists, this is one indication that is being one IS a good thing but let’s explore this more. All you have to do is use the Bible, history and current events to determine if being racist is a bad or good thing.

Patriots who know the lies of the government and media know the opposite is true. You can pick any topic to find this is the case. So, why in the world are the Patriots, “truth seekers” of whatever they call themselves, think that being on the same side as the government and media is good? I can’t figure that out. Why don’t these Patriots question their position when they are on the same side that the Establishment is on?

I get sick and tired hearing from people, who are the leaders of the Christian/Patriotic movement, back off and deny being a racist, when they should be proud of it. Yes, many of these people do have good websites and videos and you can learn a lot about what is going on as far as conspiracies go, for example. But for me, I disagree with denying being a racist. We’ve got to let other Christian/Patriots people, specifically, know that historically, these people were racially conscious. It seems like the only people who are holding true to the Christian/Patriotic beliefs are people who call themselves Christian Patriots. Sure, we have our differences but there is much that we have in common but are different than what we hear from people like Alex Jones.

There are people who call themselves White Nationalists, some of whom are Christian and others not, deny they are racists, too, but use the word “racially conscious,” as they back off from the word “dirty word racist.”

How do you define the word “racist?” What is it to you? How do the enemies of Christ use it?

Many people think that if you are a racist, you are against doing business with these people; that if see someone of another race you want to kill them. Such is NOT the case! Being a racist is not wanting to mix your seed with theirs; of not wanting them to rule over you; and even not wanting them to live in your country and being part of the political process.

Now, liberals, trolls of this website and antichrists, would think that this is the most terrible thing you can have – a White country! Really? Think of this, when European countries were White or even mostly White, with White people in control, did we have the crime we see today? Did we have the rape and the terrorist bombing? No.

Although America always had Blacks and Indians living in the country they were not ruling over us. At this time, America did not have the crime and clashes of culture as we have today.

One hundred and fifty years ago in America, when Christian White men were in control, we did not have raping of women occur on a daily bases in our cities. Did we didn’t have people afraid to walk in certain areas of their cities. Yet, this was when we had laws that would today be called “racist.”

Did we have the hatred of the other races 150 years ago? No. Hatred is not prohibiting inter-racial marriage and only allowing Caucasians in government. But we are MADE to think that way today. You see, when Jewish Hollywood changes the definition of words for us, we are TOLD to think in this way. But it was not hatred but a realisation of the difference of the races that the laws were made the way they were – to keep the races from mixing.

(To those who don’t belong here: There are some people who really don’t belong on this site but are here just to agitate. Well, don’t bother to right your nasty comments as this would be put in the spam box where I would never see their comments again! lol)

Back to what I was saying…

The media is great in asking the rhetorical question of, “Why is there all this hatred? Why can’t the races get along?” The quick answer to all this is, why do the reporters act differently when not in front of the cameras?” Because they don’t want to mix with others themselves! That is why they live in all White neighbourhoods! We didn’t hate the other races a century ago BECASUE the Arabs lived in their country and we lived in our country; the Negroes lived in Africa and we lived in White Europe – that is why! But when these races come to our country, they are given preferential treatment, and they bring their crime and disease with them. Of course there will be hatred. Righteous hatred and holy indignation – which is what it should be!

If having an all White Christian nation is so bad, why don’t these people who call themselves “Christians” (which they are not) move to a Muslim country and see how they like it; why don’t they move to darkest Africa and practice voodoo? Because they are hypocrites.

For nearly 2,000 years European countries, for the most part, were of the White race; they were of the Saxon, Nordic, Scandinavian, Celt and related races. What harm did that do? Nothing! It persevered the race that Yahweh, God created. While, at this time, the other races lived among themselves and developed at their own level and speed – as God intended.

What will we have if we continue with allowing other races with their culture (or lack of it) continue? We will have what you currently see and much worse with the most war-like people surviving. A multi-culture society never really exists. What is pointed out as a “successful” multi-culture society was only in the process of disintegration until one tribe finally dominated. In the meantime, the White race would be mongelised; there would be no Christianity; the arts would be destroyed; inventions would have stopped; the regression to a backward society and constant fighting would be the end result.

The Muslims must really be fooling themselves. They think that if they take over everything would be fine. Well, they won’t and many of them know it. Look at the fighting and killing they do among themselves when one Muslim sect doesn’t’ like the other sect. You have the Sunnis fighting the Shites; you have different Muslim nationalities fighting each other like we see in the refugee camps. That is why the only peaceful Arab nations had to have a dictator – to keep the different religious tribes from killing each other or being killed.

What we plainly see today is, that today’s policy brings on war, poverty, crime, destruction and hatred. While God’s laws brings peace and prosperity to His People. The other races, which are not under the Law, will continue to do what they do but we will leave in peace and safety.



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