London Apartment Fire

London Apartment Fire

You must have all heard about the London fire in a high rise apartment. This was caused by flammable material that was used which allowed the fire to spread quickly. I wonder what other disasters will come with fire? As today, I notice in a public building two fire extinguishers that had no date of expiry, no pressure indication and no directions over it on how to use it! It just seems that some things in the UK are an accident that is waiting to happen. When I saw this, or, should I say, what I didn’t see, I thought how crazy. How many people know how to use a fire extinguisher?

I talked to a woman who worked at this public place about the fire extinguishers, and she said if there was a fire, don’t bother using them, just leave the building. What?!# I thought to myself, there are many times where people have to use it so they can get to an exist. And, why not use a fire extinguisher if you are able to put out a small fire rather than let it grow into a big one.

In the UK it is common to see in public places – believe it or not – signs that shows you how to wash your hands. I kid you not!! It is a sign that consists of – get this – 14 pictures! Yet, for fire extinguisher (at least what I saw) there are no signs.

Now, you may ask, “Why do they have a sign on how to wash your hand?” Well, I was told that because of the low class of people that are being allowed in to the UK, they don’t know how to wash their hands. Some of those third world people are that stupid; we don’t need hand washing signs for our children but we do for certain foreigners. If they are that dumb, they should never be allowed in!

  The London apartment that was engulfed in flames was badly damaged, as you can see. Yet, there is one thing that people haven’t thought about and that is, the building is still standing. If you say, so what, it means a lot. For, we were told – through official “findings” – that the World Trade Center came down because of a fire. Yet, those buildings were not nearly burned as the recent apartment fire. Yet the apartment in London is still standing. Of course, you know that the World Trade Center was a controlled demolition. It would be good to bring up this fact with your friends now, as all the talk is about the London fire. Get your friends to start thinking for themselves.

It seems like Christian Identity people have more common sense. And we are promised that when we do our best to follow God’s laws.


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