Sick Things In the News

Sick Things In the News

Musings 11 June 2017

Here are some things that I came across in the news the past week.

I saw an interview with Vladimir Putin and liberal Megan Kelly – he really tore her up. Do a search on Youtube and check it out. There is one video that is one-on-one and another one where Putin is on stage with diplomats, in an auditorium filled with other politicians, I presume. Putin really put Megan down there, too.

In the private interview, Megan questioned Putin about the Russian Ambassador talking with someone in the Trump Administration, he said in part:

“This is what ambassadors are suppose to do (meet and talk with others)”

“Do you think that every ambassador calls me up each day and tells me who he talked to?”

Anyhow, check the videos. This goes to show how sick the media is and how hypocritical they are.

I Told You It Was Coming

Shortly before the election in the UK, there was an article that quoted the leader of the Liberal Democrats, a guy by the name of Farrod (not sure of the spelling). Anyhow, he said he supports the LGBT + rights. (LGBT stands for: Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transvestites) Do you get what he said? In other words there are more “rights” that this sick sex pervert group wants! So, what are they? Well, the article was not about that nor did they elaborate but you can be sure that their “rights” are bestiality and pedophilia. Then I saw this LGBT + rights somewhere else. Soon your will read “LGBTBP.”

The media used “gradualism.” First it was just the transvestites and funny TV shows about them, then it because accepted; then it was queers, and so it goes down to children and animals. Mark my words, this is what they will be pushing next; after that, there will be laws to protect them (but not the victims, of course).

You’ll probably not hear anyone telling you how sick this is. Remember when Trump was running for President he said, at one stop, that he supports the LGBT and he got applauds from his supporters. Then he said, “I’m glad you like that.” This antichrist mentality has reached people who are suppose to be Christian and conservative! Of course, I have heard big names in the alternative news media who calls themselves Christian/Patriots that support the queers. But this is NOT what Christian/Patriots in the past believed in.

Talking about perversion, in the Daily Mail there was a small blurb along with a picture on the font page about “how a woman gave birth to her brother,” with the article inside the paper. It was a daughter who has a step father. Her mother already has 5 children but she wanted another child and could not conceive. So, it was agreed that her daughter have sex with her husband, so now she has another child while the girl has a “brother.” How sick!

The sickness got worse and the newspaper didn’t talk about the moral issue on it but just reported it. And, of course, the law did not step in – as it would years ago.

Now, in reality, this woman gave birth a son. (It looks like he is about 18 months old); it is her son and NOT her brother. Whereas the “mother” is NO mother at all. Try explaining that to the kid when he grows up?! And if other school kids find out, he will be made fun of on top of all this.

Instead of a hue and cry going out from the public, the newspaper just reported it as if there was nothing morally wrong but just strange. I presume that the public is conditioned to think the same way. Again, this is all part of “gradualism.”

Well, we all know what happened to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, don’t we!



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