What Good Can Come Out Of Mass Immigration?

What Good Can Come Out Of Mass Immigration?

Patriots and Christians often talk about what good can come out of all this mass immigration of third world people into the White nations of the world? Some people – even Christians – might think, “How can God be in control when all of this happens?” Or, “This shows that God doesn’t care what is happening to us, but just lets things come to an end.”

Though I dislike what is going on with all the Muslims and other non-Whites entering our respective White (formerly Christian) countries, what good can come of this? I do believe that God is always in control and with that premise, what good is there? Then, I thought that there is good but we don’t see it as such. So, here is an outline of how I see all this mass immigration that is destroying our culture.

I see:

More and more people are becoming racially aware
Some people are standing up to Christianity for the first time
More people are seeing that their government is against them
More people are waking up to other lies the Establishment is telling them
God’s fulfilment is coming true

Let me go over each of the above in more detail.

Becoming racially aware

For the first time I hear more people realising that not all races are the same, that we are not “equal”, and that there are differences that go far deeper than the colour of the skin. I have heard people talk on internet radio calling others animals and worse than animals.

There are people who, previously, thought it was fine that non-white are coming into their country now want to stop it all.

People have become brainwashed through their school and university about how all people are equal and the only difference is in the skin. Then they read the newspapers or watch the news of how these people, who should be grateful in not only coming to a White country but in getting benefits, and are not grateful for what they get. You’ve seen the videos where they tear down their refugee centre because the internet is not fast enough! You’ve seen them how they rape girls because they are not dressed right and then the judge let’s them off because “it is their culture to do so.” People are getting discussed.

Standing up to Christianity

I personally have seen some people who are not Christian say words to the effect, “Who are those people saying that we shouldn’t wear crosses to work when it’s our own nation!”

Government is against them

When people see that Italy is bringing people over by the boat load; by making arrangements with immigration smugglers to pick up the people and to arrange to meet the boat loads of people 12 miles off the coast of Libya, for example; that they are putting them up in refugee centres and giving them food and money; people are waking up that their own government is criminal and working against them.

Then, these same people ask themselves, “What other lies and crimes is our government doing?” Then, these same people are doing research and finding out that the WHOLE SYSTEM is corrupt. This, they would never had thought of if there was not the blatant acts of crime committed by those were were taught to trust.

Lies of the Establishment

When people see the outright stupidity of what the government is doing, they start to question that maybe it’s not stupidity but their government is doing this on purpose. They start to research to find out what else they have been lied about; these people start to listen to you when you talk about other conspiracies; finally, they start agreeing with you.

God’s fulfilment is coming true

When people finally listen to Bible believing Christians like you, they learn that we are being invaded because of our disobedience to God’s holy laws – that this is our punishment. BUT they also learn that our (God’s) enemies will be destroyed in the end. People start reading the Bible because of events like this, which means they also read Revelation and in this book is our victory.

For people who call themselves Christian/Patriots that truly do not get it, they think that survival will be by their own hands, by buying enough survival equipment and guns. This will not be the case. And, these people also are the ones that get frustrated (the Alex Jones and Mike Adams). But don’t you be, as you have the assurance that God will deliver us. We will remain on the earth while His enemies will be destroyed.



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