Under The Spell of Harry Potter


Weekly Sermon 14 May, 2017

As you know, books on Harry Potter are satanic but presented in a child’s novel. This is one way of getting people involved in the occult. This video exposes specifically what is wrong with the book. With this information you’ll be able to defend yourself when speaking on the subject.

There is one point that I disagree with, which I’ll tell you shortly. The speaker, Stephen Dollins, who is a former leader of Anton LeVey’s Satanic Church, goes into Scripture of God warning His people about such practices (mostly from Deuteronomy 18th chapter). He tells the audience that these practices are an abomination unto the Lord; that we should avoid witches, wizards and occult practices. This is all well and good. Then he reads the verse, “…do not suffer a witch to live.” Now, he says that thank God this was in the Old Testament and the stoning that we should do is to “stone them with love and kindness.” This exposes the thinking of the Judeo-Christians. Here, they go into the Old Testament to say we should not do such and such, then, when God commands the punishment, they turn it around and say, “That is the Old Testament. Thank God we don’t have to do that or there would be a lot of people killed.” Can you figure out their double-think? Can you see their hypocrisy?

In other words, the Jew-Christians, as I like to call them, recite Scripture and that we should follow it EXCEPT where it comes to the punishment of these people! How in the heck can they say to keep one part and not the other part?! What does this to do? What is this guying trying to do? He IS warning people about the book of Harry Potter but doesn’t want us to do anything to stop it EXCEPT to love these people! Well, this is what the Judeo-Christians have been doing for 100 years and where has it gotten us? More and more evil! Why? Because we don’t have a government where God’s Judgements are enforced. In other words, people are to be aware of this evil but do anything EFFECTIVE to stopping it. Is this love? No, it’s hatred and here is why…

Let’s say there are 10,000 satan worshippers in the country and we have a government where we are enforcing what God commanded in Deuteronomy 18. Well, if there were say 10 occult practitioners found guilty then publicly put to death and televised, how many of others do you think will continue their practices? Much less! If it takes more executions you can be sure it will be a lot less than those practising it. In short, it will be put fear of God into these heathens. Then, look at how many souls would be saved! But by not instituting God’s laws, you’ll have more deaths; deaths by those who sacrifice children, for example, and by who do not turn to Christ, whereby they would be in His Kingdom in the next life.

In short, this guy, Stephen Dollins, is allowing people to let out steam BUT not telling them what should be done with these devil worshippers. Whereas God Almighty does tell you what to do. So, the people who engage in occult practices not only continue unhindered but increase in numbers. I think the devils will be quite happy with this. Aside from this, which is about 25 minutes into the video, this is the only thing I disagree with.

About 47 minutes in Dollins talks about the lighting bolt and that this is a satanic symbol. He ties this into the German SS but he had to lie to do this. He said this was introduced in the 1940s, which is wrong, as it was was founded in 1925, BUT it had nothing to do with the occult. The double lightning bolt is really a stylised double “S” as there are two “S” in the German word Schutzstaffel. He said they were master of torture – again, a lie, as they were an elite fighting force. If Dollins wanted to talk about torture, he should have used the America CIA as an example. Anyhow, this is a side note but it shows how people always tries to get the “nazis” involved in this somehow. By the way, as you can see in the video, this guy talks out of the side of his mouth. I wonder what causes that? His suit is kind of strange as well as the color combination, I wonder that means?

What is interesting is how this J.K. Rowling, author if Harry Potter books, came across the story.

Over all, this video is a good introduction of the occult behind the Harry Potter books and films.




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