“The Shack” Exposed As A Satanic Book

“The Shack” Exposed As A Satanic Book

“The Shack” is a title of book that has sold about 20 million copies. It is suppose to be a book about hope. It’s really a satanic book that should be exposed. Yet, there are many Patriots who speak highly of it – unfortunately they don’t know Scripture. You might have already bought “The Shack” fine, but listen to what these two people said about it.

Kent Hovind in Support of The Shack

Here is a video of Kent Hovind in support of “The Shack.” he answers critics who told him that this is not a good book. In about 7:00 in, he talks about someone who wrote to him saying (the person who wrote the letter) “you should see this video (and he gives the link), talks on why this book is Scripturally wrong.” Do you know what Hovind said? Paraphrasing, “I do not have the time to see it and probably won’t in the future!!!

Now, this is an indication that Hovind does not intent to learn WHY others disagree with him and disagree with the book. Anyhow, who makes a video and thinks that the book The Shack is great, but doesn’t want to learn why others disagrees shows that he is not looking for the truth. It’s like a judge saying, “I don’t want to hear what the defendant says now and I won’t have time in the future, but he is guilty anyway.” This, in essence is what Hovind had said.

Comments on the above on Kent Hovind’s support of The Shack


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