Donald Trump: Body Language and Power of Persuasion

Donald Trump: Body Language and Power of Persuasion

In the previous post I had shown a video on Donald Trump’s handwriting analysis and what it reveals. Now, here are two videos on Trump’s body language and power of persuasion. This reveals more about the President.

There were many other warning signs about Trump when he was campaigning for President that we ignored. I image this ignoring is because we hope to see at least one person represent the Christian American people. Sadly we were not given this. I see that this will show Americans that no man can fix things but only Jesus Christ and it will be His return that that will make things right again.

(Read more on this website to know what the Bible really says about how we should live our life; and also watch the videos were you’ll really hear good sermons.)

So, what were the warning signs?

Trump saying that he’s a Christian yet allowed his daughter to marry a Jew and allowed his son, Eric, to marry a Jewess. Not that he could have stopped it but he thinks that such marriages are wonderful.

IF Donald Trump raised his children to be Christian and really knew the Bible, his children would not even consider marrying Jews. Ivanka (the real President) denied Christ, as she converted to Judaism.

Then, there was Trump saying that he supports Israel 100%. Now, how many other politicians and Presidents that have kissed a** to the bandit state? And look where that got us! This was a big warning sign.

We have Trumps support of the queers and the LGBT movement. Hey, why not put another BP at the end of this? After all, the group with this acronym is really LGBTBP. The extra B is “bestiality,” and the P is “paedophilia.” Talk to any queer and many of them and they tell you that bestiality and paedophilia is part of their culture or have other homosexuals that are engaged in it. All of these sex practices are condemned in the Bible.

Then, you take a look at Rudy Giuliani, the ex-mayor of New York City that Trump hanged around with. This guy is also bi-sexual, left his wife, moved in with two queers and even was in a show dressed as a transvestite. Check out this video:

Let’s face it, you can not make it in NYC unless you are in bed with antichrists. And this is where Trump started out making his money.

Donald Trump facial analysis, mineral deficiencies

Donald Trump body language

Donald Trump power of persuasion


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