Musing 23 April, 2017

Musing 23 April, 2017

re: Beliefs and Patriots

Adding to the previous article on how the beliefs of Christian/Patriots have changed over the years, here is another example. One of the biggest conservative alternative news sites on the whole web is World Net Daily ( This is headed by a man called Joseph Farah; this site is run by Judeo-Christians, and you can tell – they kiss the backside of Jews. Just the other day I saw a big banner ad on their Home advertising a pilgrimage to Israel. It’s one thing going to Israel IF you know the Christian Identity message but they are going to learn “how wonderful the Jews are.”

IF Hitler’s Germany Had The Same News Articles

Several years ago I thought, what if the same type of news was in the newspapers in Hitler’s Germany, how would the other nations react? With all the murder, rape, and crime in general committed each day in the U.S., for example. If we read this in what was going on in Germany in the 1930s, the world would be horrified. Also, if we read of the way people dressed, how kids treat their parents, the kind of music that people listened to, etc., people would justly see Hitler as a monster.

Then, there are so many other sick and perverted things that are going on, that if they went on in Germany, people would see that National Socialism is sick. If tourists in Germany in the 1930s witnessed how the cops dressed, with all the protective gear and having military-type weapons and vehicles; IF people saw how many policemen there were and saw all the surveillance cameras, these tourists would rightfully say that NS Germany was a police state; the media would be correct in claiming the same thing.

With all the evil that is going on, it should come as no surprise that the Edomites continue to make things up about Hitler and the NS. What is made up seems to be worse than what Hitler’s enemies said many years ago. The reason why is, they have to make the nazis worse than what is going on in the world today, AND accept it as normal now. Otherwise, people will see that living in Germany was much better than living in your country right now. That is why “racism” has to be linked with the most evil thing a person can do.

A lot more can be said on this, which would make a long article, but I’ll leave it for now.

Re: Le Pen

Today is the French election with Marie Le Pen as a possible choice for the next President of France. If she wins, will she be like Donald Trump – in that many people would be placing hopes in her but, for whatever reason, she has to back-track on her promises? We don’t know and have to wait for time to pass. One thing that I have read on her is that she is for more taxes and for the welfare state. Will she push for that? Only God knows.

One thing for sure, with the recent cop killing in Paris, this only helps Le Pen.


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