Will Donald Trump’s Conscious Get To Him?

Will Donald Trump’s Conscious Get To Him?

As a businessman, Donald Trump built his empire partly on keeping his word. He knows that whatever you agree to do you have to do it. He knows this and how important it is in business. If he didn’t, contractors would not work with him and the banks would not lend to him. So, making deals and keeping his word is very important to him – in business but he doesn’t see this in politics.

Now you have President Donald Trump and as President he has not kept his word to the people who put him in office. Case in point: Hillary Clinton should go to jail. After he because President he said in on video interview (paraphrasing): “…Hillary is a good person; (talking about Bill and Hillary) they are good people.” He knows he lied to the people. Perhaps he never thought they were bad people but he knows what he said to his voters and he knows what he has said now.

There are many other things that Trump said to his supporting audience that he said he would do but he has since said the opposite. If there is something that he can’t do, he should at least tell the people and the people would understand but he goes on as if everything is normal and he is fulfilling his promise – he is not. An example would be, something that needed the voting by Congress and he didn’t get their support. The good thing is, we have everything recorded on video; that people can make their own copies and download if they want.

Trump is not a stupid man and he knows what he said to his supporters and he knows what he is saying now. Trump know what he is saying and doing now is different than what he said during his campaign. He knows he is not acting as a person that keeps his word; that this is not what he did in business. So, my question is, will this effect his conscious? Or is he really a Manchurian candidate? Is he really switched off? If does know of his broken promises, will he be driven mad like Nebuchadnezzar in the Bible? I don’t know. But one thing we do know is, that Trump has turned out like other past Presidents in many ways.

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