Warning Signs About Donald Trump

Warning Signs About Donald Trump

There have been warning signs about Donald Trump during his campaign that supporters (like me) should have seen. When Trump was running for President and saying what he said, Christians and Patriots were so glad that they latched onto the first person who expressed their views that no other public figure expressed. Because Trump expressed these views (such as building a wall and limiting Muslim immigration) we supported him. Now that Trump has done what he has since he became President, let’s look at what he said during the campaign that should have been warning signs.

Among the things that Donald Trump said were:

  • building a wall on the southern boarder
  • supporting our police
  • supporting our soldiers
  • 100% support for Israel
  • bombing the hell out of ISIS
  • building up our military

This is some of what Trump said which we will focus on. He said other things such as bringing business back to the US and creating jobs, which we are all 100% in agreement with. This, I don’t see as warning signs. But the list above I see as something we should have taken note of. So, let’s go over that.

Building a wall on the southern boarder:

This sounds good but he also added that we’ll make Mexico pay for it. If you have a dispute with your neighbor and want to put up a fence, yes, it’s nice to have them pay for it IF you can. If you can’t, then you put up a fence anyhow and pay for it yourself. This is how it has been done throughout history, so why force the issue.

But what Trump did NOT talk about – which is a warning sign – is that he should have also talked about stopping all benefits for anyone entering the U.S. illegally. That is why they are here in the first place! This, Trump did not talk about.

Supporting our police:

This sounds good on the surface but he kept pushing and pushing this. He should have said that the police should and must support the public. There is an old saying that goes like this, “Support the police if they support you.” And this, Trump hasn’t said. The police have been trained to be against the people. Trump should have said that the police support peaceful citizens. The media is filled with police abuse and it’s no isolated matter – and this worries a lot of people.

Doesn’t a Police State want the people “support the police?” Of course they do. It’s simply too much in your face of “support your police.” He would have been better off not to bring this up in the first place.

Support our soldiers:

This is another topic that sounds good. In fact, they all sound good and that is why such statements were said during the campaign. What I don’t like is this “Card Blanche.” Do we not need soldiers to help create and maintain a Police State? We sure do. Of course, Trump could not have said, “don’t support your soldiers” and expect them to fight. In areas like this, he should have just focused on supporting the soldiers in their return, getting an education for them (the old GI Bill) and giving them good health care.

100% support for Israel:

This is a huge warning sign. Did Jesus Christ say that He supported the Pharisees? That He supports the Jews in general? Of course not. This has been the problem with previous Presidents – support the state of Israel. So, it’s going to be “the same old, the same old.”

Then you have Trump having two children (Ivanka and Eric) that are married to Jews, ask yourself this: what kind of Christian laws are you going to get from a man like this? How can America return back to its Christian roots? We can’t.

Bombing the hell out of ISIS:

This is a good one. Again, it sounds good on the surface but what does that mean? It mean military involvement in the Middle East with a possibility of troops on the ground. Donald Trump said during his campaign that he wants to pull out of Syria. How can you do this when you are “bombing the hell out of ISIS?” What we should do and what the biblical foreign policy should be is, don’t get involved in other nations that are not attacking you.

All Trump has to do, which is very simple, safe and saves money is, to simply pull out of the Middle East; don’t be a policeman of the world; bring our troops home; and, don’t allow ANY Muslims into the country. ISIS is what it is because of U.S. Military equipment, intelligence support, and funding. We should have stopped all of that. So, if they want to fight, let them fight. But we should not allow any of them to come to the U.S. Our troops should be home; money saved and don’t allow our enemies into our country and giving them benefits at the same time.

Building up our military:

Trump said that we must build up our military that equipment is being depleted. This is a big lie. If you are spending more than the next 5 largest countries combined, you are spending too much. Some say that this spending is more than the rest of the world combined. The fact is, in 2015 the U.S. spent $500,000,000,000 (HALF A TRILLION DOLLARS); Russia only spent $50 billion; the UK also spent about $50 billion. We are already spending our nation into the hole. To spend more means two things: Supporting the industrial/military complex AND creating more wars around the world (to justify this spending). This is NOT what the American people want – at least those who have any Christian/Patriotic sense of duty.

Trump should have said that we should spend less so as not to be the world’s policeman. This would also mean that more money would be available to build infrastructure and create jobs at home – which is another campaign promise he made. But no, this spending will only help create more wars and more police powers world-wide. Of course, it would help the war machine at home. Huge spending is what previous past Presidents have done, which tells you that Donald Trump is following in their footsteps.

I had seen some of these signs but I thought he would do better than what he has done. I should have known better. But how many alternative news site owners would admit this? Few, I believe. Let’s be man enough (or woman enough) and admit our mistakes and move on.

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