The Power From Heaven That Defeats Our Enemy

The Power From Heaven That Defeats Our Enemy

battle of blood river

The antichrists rely on their weapons of the latest technology they have to destroy us; from the ordinary handgun, to tanks to who knows what kind of weapon. And, we as Christians, come to rely on our guns only to fight the enemy. While I’m not against guns, we forget the power that God has – the “secret” weapons He has.

If we look to history of times when our Christian brothers prayed to God to deliver them, there were some powerful weapons that were used. We don’t recognize it as weapons but in a sense they are. So, what are they?

There is the Word of God which is more than anything that man can devise. For we have that which is material but for God it’s spiritual. Let’s take a look at what happened back in 1838 when a small band of Afrikaners (Boers) were attacked by 30,000 black heathens. It was called, The Battle of Blood River. You may recall the story but for those who do not, let me briefly explain. This group of about 400 Nordic Christians we trekking to the land they were going to settle down in their Conestoga wagons.

The little flock of God’s children saw thousands of Zulus approaching. They were out numbered about 90 to 1. They got down on their knees and prayed for deliverance. They did NOT sit back and hope that God would do all the fighting, as you would expect from Christians today. No, they made a promise to God that if He would deliver them from these savages, they would build a monument to Him. But the Christians did their part in fighting.

After the fervent prayer, they got their guns ready; their women were by their side reloading the single shot rifles.

As we were told, the men and young boys fired their weapons and shot the Zulus. Now, this is what most people will remember of the story of The Battle of Blood River – if they read it at all. But there is much more to this when you consider the others information we were told.

The power from God – that was given to His angles included:

  • The firing from the sky (as described by some of the surviving Zulus)
  • The power that prevents the spears and other weapons from hitting the Christians
  • The power that prevented those same weapons from hitting the cattle
  • The power that made everyone calm
  • The power that also calmed the animals
  • The power that sent fear within the ranks of the Zulus to make them run faster than a jack rabbit
  • And, finally, the power that every shot by man hit its mark

Now, this is some wonderful and divine power that did all this. And this started from the words that proceeded from the mouth of Yahweh God.

We can only conjecture here but it had to be power of some form, in the spiritual realm, that kept the women, children and even men from fear. You can be sure that everyone did their job from the women loading the guns, to the men taking aim, to even the children not becoming hysterical.

As the story ends, not one White person was killed, not one person even injured. No animal was injured or killed. This little ban of Nordic Christians were delivered from insurmountable odds. Today, we are surrounded by millions Muslims and other non-Christians. Though we are out numbered it is no where near what these Afrikaners had to go through. We should not wait until the odds are 50:1 We have got to pray, REPENT, wait on God and do our part for deliverance; for we have powerful weapons at hand. That power is God Almighty – He will deliver us!

Thou art my battle axe and weapons of war: for with thee will I break in pieces the nations, and with thee will I destroy kingdoms; (Jer 51:20)

(The short film is in Spanish)


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