Errors in Apologetic Website

Errors in Apologetic Website

As I had mentioned before, there are people who have good information on the Bible but in some areas they are really off base. One such site is, You might have been to this site but if you haven’t you’ll see that they have some good information on religious cults and how to confront them. Some examples are: Mormons, Jehovah Witness, Islam and other groups. The section that has this is under Religious Cults and Movements, subsection Alphabetical List. There, you’ll see arguments of why they are wrong.

What I did was a search on Christian Identity to see if they had anything on us – which they did. Here is what Matt Slick said, in part (in italics):

The Christian Identity Movement is also known as Anglo-Israelism, Israel Identity.

Founder: Some think it to be Wesley Swift, born in the 1800’s. Others claim it can be traced back to the 1600’s.

Headquarters: None.

Membership: less than 50,000. In America only.

Origins: This movement has its origins in the 1800’s America where it grew in the shadow of this country’s developing and successful conquering of the American continent combined with racial prejudices. Many of the Whites believed that North America was ordained by God and blessed by Him to be supreme in the world. All other racial groups were considered inferior. Early contributing movements to C.I.M. were the Nativist movement and Anglo Israelism.

Obviously, Matt Slick does not believe in the Bible where God would appoint his people a new land (which Bible scholars believe that to be North America).

God did create us (the white people) a special group. It goes without saying that if you are God chosen people to whom the Covenants were made, does make us special and we should be very thankful.

As for this word “Nativist” I never heard of it or a group by this name. This must be something that Matt made up or heard from some individual in CI. This has not been heard – at least by me – in big CI gatherings.

Doctrines: a theological system centered on a racist/anti-Semitic and white supremacy. It seems to use religious arguments to justify political agendas.

If you are not a “racist” you are a race mixer – which is not biblical. We should be “anti-Semitic.” Look at what Christ had to put up with, for example: John 8:44

For a guy who is suppose to know so much about the Bible, he is selective in what he tells others.

Structure – The movement does not have a centralized organizational structure but has groups in almost every Western nation.

Earlier, Matt says that CI is only in America, now he admits that there are adherents in almost all Western nations. Though most are in the U.S. And the U.K. We do have adherents in most Western countries.

This guy, Matt Slick, is slick and in a negative sense!

Comments: True Christianity is Christ centered and focuses on love, forgiveness, and patience and is opposed to racism. However, there is none of that in the Christian Identity Movement, which advocates racism and anti-Semitism. It is a dangerous group.

This is typical of all the churches that have been taken over by false prophets. There is a LOT more in the Bible than, “love, forgiveness and patience.” Slick claims the Bible is opposed to racism. The whole Bible is about race – if a person cares to read it without jewish filters on his mind. There is the Israelites verses the many other races that surround Israel at the time who were the enemies of God, whom we were told not to mix with. I could go on and on but you have heard all the verses in the Bible that says we should stay separate and apart from the other races, so I won’t repeat them here.

If you go, in this index of cults, you’ll see that with the others, such as the Mormons and the Jehovah’s Witness, that he has arguments of why they are wrong. With the Christian Identity group he has none! Of course, he could have used what other opponents of CI use but he would be shot down scripturally of why he is wrong. At least I’ll give him credit for this.

In short, Matt Slick, is another example of people God gives so much truth to and he sees if they can handle more. With Matt Slick (and many more like him), there is only so much truth they have and the rest they lie about. It’s one thing if you simply don’t know, as I don’t know everything that’s for sure. But to claim you are an expert in some areas that you are not is another matter.

This is like some of the white nationalist leaders where they stand up for the white race and they know who the enemy is, but when it comes to the Bible, they still think that the Old Testament is a jewish book – which it is not.

What I’m saying is, that you can get some good information from but Slick is wrong on Christian Identity. I believe that God uses these people as stepping stones to greater truth; that, for some reason, they can’t talk on topics that are considered “politically incorrect.”

I also would like to add of what Slick doesn’t talk on and that is:

  • keeping of God’s laws
  • being against homosexuals
  • not allowing those of other religions into our country
  • that Christians have a right to self-defense
  • that Christians should not be pacifists

In other words some of the most important things that should be discussed he doesn’t discuss.

Slick talks in one of his videos about the compassion of Christ, then in the next breath he talks about if you don’t believe you will spend eternity in hell fire! Now, this is what most Christians believe in – which is wrong – and Slick is one of them. This is the most un-godly thing to believe in – a hell fire life. Yahweh God would not be a loving and compassionate God if he would have you burn in hell forever – think of how many people he turns away from Christianity when they are told that!

In the next post I want to discuss another topic that Slick is off base on, that he doesn’t even look at the simple facts. So, stay tuned.



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