“Patriots” Who Advocate Race Mixing

“Patriots” Who Advocate Race Mixing

sodom-ban  Mike Adams and other Patriots complain about the media and the educational system in how they only present one side of the story and that they never suggest you read the other side. We all know how one side is present on any issue and that side is the leftist/Communist/antichrist side of the story. Well, Adams (and others like him) does the same thing. Well, people who are aware of what is going on will notice this about some people who call themselves Patriots.
Here is an example of what I’m talking about. Mike Adams is a big proponent of race-mixing and that all races are equal. They are into the same name-calling as the media and the leftists that control our universities. People who don’t want to see the races mix are called: bigots, racists, Nazis, haters, etc. In other words, Adams and others are on the same side as the media and government. Don’t they realise this?
For example, neither the establishment nor certain people that call themselves Patriots, like Mike Adams and Alex Jones, would say, “Don’t believe me but read the books and articles that are opposed to what we say. Then, you decide what the truth is.” They never say this.
There are books, booklets and articles that talk on such topics as: how race-mixing destroys the nation, how races are not equal to each other, how God of the Bible does not want us to mix, etc. They don’t say, “Here is what the racists and bigots have read (then list a couple of books or give a couple of links to other websites).”
If what Adams and others that are like him tell the truth, then they should not be afraid of people reading what the racialists believe in. If what they are saying is the truth, then the truth will be more solid in the minds of the people after they read books like: White America by Cox, Separation or Mongrelisation by Theodore Belbo. If people did read it, they will learn what the other side believes in and why. They will also know who is telling the truth. Adams, Jones and others don’t suggest you read the books that talk about the dangers of mixing the races and how it destroys Christian civilization because they are on the same side as the “Elite”. Well, now that you know this, I suggest you check out what Patriots say who do believe in preserving their racial heritage and Christian civilization have to say.



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