“This Is Not What America Stands For”

“This Is Not What America Stands For”

This is not the values of America

make america great again

You have heard by the anti-Trump supporters “This is not what America stands for,” or “This is not the values of America.” They come from mostly leftist, communists and antichrists that you have seen on the streets in recent weeks in America. Who in the heck are these anti-Christians talking about? They know nothing of American history and values.

If you thought that Trump talked right wing, he is still left of center of what American values are. Americans, when it was really great, did not allow all the filth, pornography, antichrist teaching that you have in schools today. Americans of 100 years ago, did not want Muslims in their country, they did not believe in race-mixing and they locked up people who were queers – it’s a simple fact. Americans had immigration control where mostly white people of northern and western Europe were allowed it. We did not have mosques in the country and people demanding Sheria law as we do today.

colonial-america-bk-1  What these people want is just the opposite of what made America great. They are not the “change,” they are the people who support the sick system as it is. The sickos you see on the streets, they are the old system. The new system, those who do want positive change voted for Donald Trump. At least they hope Trump acts on what he said he would do. True, there are some things that he said that is in line with the jewish system we now have, such as supporting Israel 1,000%. That is why Patriots are not 100% behind Trump but they see that he is taking a stand and trying to do what no other President would not do, i.e., building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

For people who don’t know what America was or doubt what I say, all they have to do is read history books, school books and what laws we had 100 years ago – when America was great. You can go a step further and look at what laws we had 200 years ago. Finally, you can go back to Colonial America and read what we had then.

Liberals and Communists would say, “Oh, you want to turn back the Civil Rights Act?” Yes, millions of Americans do, for it is reverse discrimination. These same Americans would try to weasel out of it and say “no,” but if it’s explained to them that this so-called “Civil Rights Act” is anti-Christian, they will think again – IF they are honest with themselves. In the Bible we are not to integrate, we are not to mix our seed with the those that are not our brothers (meaning in the racial sense). Where in the Bible do you read that God said, “It’s OK to mix with the Canaanite, the Edomite and the Philistines.” You will not see that, but what you do read is that there should be a separation of the people.

The laws that we had when America was great would make Donald Trump look like a liberal. However, let’s make America great again. If you are from another country, you can make your country great again, too!


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