Separation or Mongrelization By Theodore G. Bilbo

Take Your Choice: Separation or Mongrelization


In light of all the non-white immigrants (invaders) to our respective white countries, people have know the truth about race and what race mixing does to a nation. This book will explain much – Click Here.



Introduction by Earnest Sevier Cox

i The Race Issue-Our Greatest Domestic Problem

ii Race and Civilization

in The Negro Problem in American History

iv Southern Segregation and the Color Line

v The Demands of the Negro Leaders

vi Inequalities of the White and Negro Races

vii False Interpretations of American Democracy

viii False Concepts of the Christian Religion

ix. The Campaign for Complete Equality

x Astounding Revelations to White America

xi The Springfield Plan and Such

xii The Dangers of Amalgamation

xin Physical Separation-Proper Solution to the Race


xiv Outstanding Advocates of Separation

xv The Negro Repatriation Movement

xvi Standing at the Crossroads


2 responses to “Separation or Mongrelization By Theodore G. Bilbo

  1. Without separation, mongrelization will occur. That’s the plan of the world elite though. They want a global population of mulattoes/bi-racial people. It affects every race, especially white people.

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