Kindle For All Your Patriotic Books

Load Up Your Kindle With Patriotic Books

book-murder-by-injection  Many of you already know about Kindle reader where you can download and read just about any book that you’d like. For those who don’t know about Kindle, let me start from the beginning, then I’ll discuss some new ways in which to use Kindle.

As most of you know, you can buy just about any book and read it on your Kindle. Of course, there is a lot of trash out there but there are also some good books.

Public Domain Books

You can download just about any book that falls in the public domain category. Some of them are free while others cost a minimum amount, such as $1.18. Of course, there are others that cost more. As you know there are no patriotic or Christian books in books stores or libraries. Whereas on Kindle you can find more of the censored books. If you have a title in mind or the name of an author you can do a search and see if there are any.

For example, I just downloaded Democracy in America, written in the 1830s, which is a classic that tells of what made America great. I mean really great and not what you hear today. (It’s amazing how definitions change over the years.) This cost me $1.18. Another book I recently downloaded – which was for free, is titled: The Crowd by Gustave Le Bon. This is a must if you want to know how and why people become crazy when they are in crowds.

Books That You Will Not Find On Kindle

You can put any book or article you want on your Kindle without the world seeing it and not going through the process of adding it to the Kindle Store. There are probably many books you have on your computer that you’d like to read on your Kindle, if for no other reason than to get away from the computer screen; maybe you’d like to read it at a coffee shop. Well, now you can do just that.

There is a program called Calibre. This is a software program that you can get for free at:

calibre  With Calibre you can add any book to your Kindle. Calibre does the formatting. The purpose of all this is, that you can take any book or article you have on your computer and read it on your Kindle.

There are times you’d like to be away from your computer, and putting your favorite book on Kindle is a good way to do it. If you have a book in a .doc format it is better than if it’s in PDF. You can upload a PDF that you already but the type would very small and you might not be able to enlarge the text.

Anyhow, I hope that this article is of some help to you.


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