Muslim Ban Is Christian

The So-Called Muslim Ban

As you have seen, I like to make comments now and then on the news from a Christian perspective. I could write all day about all the crazy things that are going on but it would take more time than hours in a day.

Anyhow, there is a big ruckus about the “travel ban” on Muslims. If you have listened to RT News or Fox News, they are the only two major media outlets that give you at least some of the truth. Of course, they can say much more but at least some truth is getting out. What I like to add is what I have not heard – even from the alternative media websites.

Misfit demonstrators say that it’s not American to keep these people out. I say it is – it’s very much American. What do I mean? Up until 1965 America’s immigration was mostly from countries of Northern and Western European. Therefore, it did not include the Muslims. We wanted to keep our racial integrity. And, guess what? We had safe streets, women were not being raped my Muslim guys just because there were not dressed properly (by their standards). We did not have terrorism nor did we have unsafe areas that we do now. There were no demands by Muslims to change our laws to their laws. And, I can go on and on.

Look at the demonstrators – they are misfits. Many are too young to have any discernment. Then you have the typical sodomites, liberals, Communists and antichrists. Are these the people you want to listen to, to tell us “what America is”? Of course not.

Least people forgot, under Jimmy Carter, he banned all Iranians from entering the country. And those who were already here legally – the Iranian students – were told to leave. There were 15,000 students who left America. Where were the demonstrations then? There weren’t any. If you recall, there was the Iranian hostage crises at the time, so that is why we did it. Now, we have a crises on our hands now; we see the bombings and killings in our country and we see it in Europe, too. So, we have a reason to ban Muslim on that account alone (there are other reasons, too, but that would have to be left for another article).

So, why the demonstrations? For one, people have been dumbed down that they think this is good. You have others who are in the pay of George Soros – they are paid demonstrators. Others, don’t have anything better to do, or they expect another free handout of some sort or another.

I saw one sign by an idiot that said, “Anti-Muslim is Anti-American.” This is a lie. In fact, to be anti-Muslim (or any other non-Christian religion) IS AMERICAN. America was founded as a Christian nation and our laws reflected that.

What should be done is, that Trump supporters should be out on the streets with a peaceful march demonstrating their support. Then the public would see that our numbers are far higher than the misfits that are on the streets now.



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