“This is Not Who We Are”

“This is Not Who We Are” – Oh Yea!

You have often heard the phrase, “This is not who we are.” They are usually voiced by the rich and powerful such as Mark Zuckerberg and Hillary Clinton. Hillary recently said this sentence concerning Donald Trump’s travel ban on Muslim coming over from certain countries. Who are these sick people telling White Christian Americans “This is not who we are.” Yes it is!! This is the voice of the majority of Americans.

The people who say, “This is not who we are,” are the rich, the famous as well as the misfits and the anarchists that you see in recent demonstrations. White Christian Americans have to get out there and say, “This is who we ARE!” They got to show their support for Donald Trump. Each time you have misfits, such as those in the “Pussy March,” we have to get out there. We got to show solidarity for what our leaders are trying to do. We got to show the opposition – most of which are not Christians – who we are. Then those who cannot make it for some reason will get the true picture of who we are REALLY ARE by seeing counter demonstrations. We are people who love our country and love a peaceful way of life with traditional values.

Just because Donald Trump is in office doesn’t mean that we can sit back and do nothing and let him do it all. We got to make the enemies of Christ and of America know that we are stronger than they are and we out number them. So, each person can join their own peaceful march.

With social media we can easily connect with others, we create events or find events on Facebook and on other social media events. IF, for some reason Facebook will not allow such postings, you can go to an alternative Facebook type page such as www.seen.life This social media platform is growing fast! Then, too, if Facebook and Twitter start banning others, Donald Trump can very easily start a Facebook and Twitter like website. After all, he’s already got over 20 million followers with more joining every day.

It’s typical that newspapers say that there are demonstrations across the country concerning bla, bla, bla. What they don’t mention (because they are fake news) is that there are many more times that of people who are against such demonstrations and that is why they are sitting at home. Unfortunately, this does not make the news; it’s doesn’t even make the alternative news sites. Why? For the simple reason: there is nothing to report when nothing happens! But, IF there were peaceful counter demonstrations, it would at least be picked up to the alternative media and website. Plus, each person can take their own picture and videos and share it on social media and on their personal blog sites.

With today’s technology it’s much harder for the enemies of Christianity to hide the truth. But we have to get out and make our voices heard.


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