National Fake News Day

National Fake News Day

December 19 must have been National Fake News Day. Why? Because there were two international news events that looked like it was a false flag that happened on the same day. The first one was the Russian Ambassador to Turkey whom we were told was killed. The other one – that occur an hour later was the truck that supposedly killed 12 people and injured 50 in Berlin, Germany.

Now, you might think that I’m nuts but you check out the news reports that came out. Take a look at the pictures and videos that we were shown. Analysis what you have seen and make your own conclusions. Well, there have already been many people who have done that with the Berlin Christmas Market attack.

I had come to the conclusion that the Berlin Christmas Market attack was fake but I had thought that the killing of the Russian Ambassador was real – UNTIL I saw the video footage. I never saw such a fake fall as I did in this! I also saw no blood on the floor. The photographer was still taking pictures. The small crowd of people didn’t look scare.

Anyhow, take a look at this video and it makes you wonder. Click Here.

Here is another one.

Some Refuse to Believe

There are people who would see these videos made by others that show why these events are fake; they show logic, they point out physics involved to say it was impossible but some people still refuse to believe it. Why is this? In part, I think that people need someone to believe in, some authority figure and if it shown that they were lied to by the people they look up to, their whole world will come apart.

We are also told in the Bible, in the book of Titus, that because you don’t believe in the truth, I will send you a strong delusion that you should believe a lie.

It’s also strange, or should I say – not so strange – of what has been in the news recently? Attack on those who put out fake news. We have heard this from President Obama and from major news sources. Yet, it is these very people who are putting out the fake news and have been doing so for many years. They are scared and it is really the truth seekers that they want to shut up.

Mark Zukerberg of Facebook has on his site a warning sign from websites they deem “fake news” as not a reliable source. They are doing this because they have lost credibility. Well, it’s not going to work because what happens when people are told “no,” or “you can’t go there”? They want to find out why; they actually go to the sites that the are told are not “trustworthy.” In short, the Edomites are losing control and they know it. Ha, ha, ha.

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