Something Sinister “Might” Be Happening

 gabai  Did you ever discover something or thought of something and you thought that you hoped you’d be wrong – even glad if you are wrong? is a Twitter-like page for people who believe in freedom; it’s an alternative to Twitter; many Patriotic Christians go there.

Now, we also know that those who want to control and destroy us use a play on words, symbolism and actually tell you what they are going to do before they do it, right? An example of this is that dialling “911” is an emergency number. We also know that on that date 9-11 or September 11, the World Trade Towers came down. This is what I mean by symbolism or something that is connected to something more sinister.

Keep all this in mind.

Now, I was just watching this holocaust video – exposing the Big Lie. (The link you’ll see below.) Anyhow, at 28 minutes and some seconds in a picture of this guy appeared (see picture above). This guy is a Jew and he told a whopper of a lie about the Hoax-caust. The name of this guy is what the maker of this documentary put on – not me. I presume that is his real Jewish name.

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Now, this is where I hope that I’m wrong but I have a theory…

Gab, of course means “to talk.” So it would be appropriate to have this as a website dedicated to people who like to talk. Now, Gab is an alternative to Twitter, in that they allow people the freedom to talk on whatever subjects. BUT could this be used by someone or some group who would like to get all the Patriotic and true Christians in one spot to find out “who is who”? I know they already have our “number” by the mere fact that we go to certain website and find our IP address. But as you know, they also have multiple ways of collecting data from Bible believing Christians.

This guy, Gabbai, is just one letter off from the address of this Gab website. And notice the weird extension “ai” Not, com, net or info but ai – the same as in the name of this Jew, who, by they way lied and the Allies used his testimony to charge innocent Christian Germans of murdering Jews.

I could be wrong and I would be happy that I’m wrong but what are your thoughts on this? Is there something to this? I just feel that it’s “too” coincidental to be an accident.


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