Mike Adams and White Race Self Hatred



Mike Adams and White Race Self Hatred

As many of you Readers know, Mike Adams knows a lot about the conspiracies that are going on and he has a great website about natural healing and that there are cures for many diseases, but now and again he has an article that is totally wrong. This one is about “how the American Indians were mistreated.”

Mike Adams goes on to say that he is 1/10 Indian. The funny thing is, that in a previous post he said he was 1/16 Indian! “I guess another Indian hid in the woodpile!”

Although Adams is either 1/16 or 1/10 Indian he claims that his great, great grandmother is a direct descendent of Pocohonus! Now, how ridicules can this be! His great, great grandmother was born probably some time after 1850, and Pocohonus was born in 1596 and died in 1617. Now, since when did Indians keep a geology? Where is their building of vital statistics? Sure, she married a white man, but Adams, great, great grandmother was all Indian, so where was their records kept? The White side of the ancestry – which was English – might be recorded but what about the Indian side? Anyhow…

Mike Adams sounds like the cursed Esau in the Bible. You may remember reading of him where Esau sold his birthright for a pot of red porridge – that’s what he thought of God’s gift! Thus, God said that Joseph he loved but Esau he hated.

If you read about the Edomintes (Esau being the father of them) that this was a non-White heathen race. Mike Adams seems to be proud of the non-White and heathen in him – although he has a lot more Anglo-Saxon or Celt race in him than American Indian.

Adam probably thinks that if a race war were to start he would be accepted as “White.” He is living in a fantasy world! Mike might be part Indian but he could easily pass himself off as 100% white. So, what does he think he looks like to the blacks, the Muslims, the Mexicans? He looks white!

People like Mike Adams has brought a problem into the White Christian/Nationalist. I guess he hopes to have others be concerned with non-Whites and be concerned with heathen religions. We, who really knows the Bible, should be proud of being of whatever branch of the White race we are; we should be proud of being the descendent of the ancient Israelites. We are the heirs to God’s Covenants and no other race is.

Adams used to live part of the year in Ecuador – where there are South American Indians, Incas as on group. If these people are so great, why did he move out? I know why – because he was fed up with how he was treated and how things were being stolen from him and the filth that is in the streets. Mind you, these are the great environmental Indians? Give me a break! The streets are filled with trash, their buses burn more oil than petrol, there is gratify on the walls. And, you better not walk in the fields unless you want to get robbed. Mike Adams knows this but he won’t tell you this. No, it’s only the White man that is evil and corrupt. At least that is what he wants his readers to believe. You don’t believe me? Just go down to Ecuador where Mike Adams lived and find out for yourself if what I say isn’t true or not.

All of a sudden Mike Adams is a food scientist

This might be off the topic a bit but I just want to show the other side of Mike Adams. He does know a LOT about nutrition and how to get well naturally but now that he has a laboratory, he is now calling himself a “food scientist.” Well, where is his degree? Where did he go to college? He doesn’t mention this part. But he claims he can do this and that with the laboratory equipment. This takes training, where did he get this? Well, he does have a laboratory that can find toxins in food, for example, and if you watch his videos you’d think that he is running everything by himself. He talks like it’s a one-man show. I don’t care how smart you are or how much money you have, one person can’t do it all – they have to hire people. So, why doesn’t he give others credit? Why doesn’t’ he have others on his videos? Adams can’t do all this himself but he certainly implies that he does.

For years you heard nothing that he was a “food scientist” or lab technician but now you do.


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