Non-Whites Flood Into the US

Non-Whites Flood Into the US

black-mexico-us  Above is a picture of the flood of blacks from Africa that are in Mexico and heading to the United States. I did not want to put the video up as there is some swearing in it. The guy said it looked like 1,000 blacks and they came out of no where.

From the Negro mere presence of thousands in Mexico speaks volumes. We can deduce a number of things from this:

It is be design

It was done by the Obama Administration

Mexico is in on this

The conclusions are obvious – you don’t have thousands of people who are dirt poor sailing across the ocean without some government helping them. You can be sure that they will be given or have been given some money. They will surely go on benefits right away.

Since the Negores that have been coming over to Europe have also been Muslims, it’s also safe to assum that thees, are, too.

You can be sure that the boarder agents will be there to take them by bus to some processing center and then dumped into some part of America.

The Link below is of a “music” video of non-White with the singer boasting that everyone will one day be beige color (coming of the mud people). Click Here

black-mexico-canada  Well, the non-Whites and the Jews behind them think that they will turn America into another Brazil (or Syria, depending on if the Muslims win). But God has other plans. He will not allow his people to be totally destroyed but his enemies HE WILL. We have this problem because of our disobedience.

You may recall the verses in the Bible where the stranger will be over you, “he shall be the head and you shall be the tail.” This is talking about the non-White heathen tribes that bordered Israel. And the reason why these heathens were over Israel was because of disobedience to God’s laws.

One thing that all these problems with non-Whites flooding our respective countries and the crime they are committing is, that it makes more and more people wake to their national and racial identity. In other words, people by the millions are becoming racially conscious – that we are not all equal, despite what some Patriots say who still parrot the New World Order line – that we are all equal – yet claim to be against them.


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