Mike Adams and Donald Trump on Gays

Mike Adams and Donald Trump on Gays

On Mike Adams website he has the following headline:

Ten surprising facts you didn’t know about Donald Trump and the Health Ranger: Marrying immigrants, fighting for truth and expressing deep compassion for fellow human beings

This is the link where it is at: Click Here

What I would like to talk on is Mike Adam’s article comparing himself to Donald Trump of 10 things they have in common. Concerning gays, item 4, Mike Adams said:

#4) Both Donald Trump and myself know and embrace many people who are gay. Neither one of us have anything against people’s sexual orientation or deciding with whom they want to partner or marry. Do you realize Donald Trump is the very first U.S. President to have been elected on a platform that openly accepts gay marriage?

What we don’t want, however, is the “gay mafia” shoving an aggressive gay agenda onto our children. By the way, the gay mafia has now transformed into the transgender mafia, and suddenly they’re morphing into pushing for pedophilia rights, too, because “love wins” in their mind, even if it’s a 40-year-old man trying to sleep with a ten-year-old child. Soon, they will probably call for “pedo-marriage rights” in America while claiming anyone who opposes the idea is a “hater.” That’s the kind of lunacy I oppose.

Mike Adams claims to be Christian but you would never know it as he rarely says that. And I have never hear him use the name Jesus Christ. But even if he did, he would be like the average Christian who supports homosexuals – which God condemns in the book of Leviticus.

So, why am I talking on this subject? For the simple reason that most Patriots sees Mikes Adams as a Patriot and Donald Trump, too. Now, I agree with Adams on the good articles he has on healing naturally and exposing the corrupt medical profession. I just want to give credit where credit is due. But let’s take a look at the Sodomites. With the Sodomites being pushed down our throats more now than ever, it’s good to let our brothers and sisters in Christ know that this support of the homosexuals is one of the worst sins you can do.

Mike Adams boast about his support for the homosexuals – as does Trump. He says that Trump was the first person running for President that is vocal about it. God did not support in any way the sodomites. In fact, it was this sin only that made God destroy Sodom and the surrounding towns.

Adams goes on to say what he doesn’t want. Now, do you think that these queers will behave themselves in other areas? Of course not – as that is not their nature. First, before we get into this, even IF the queers just married themselves it’s an abomination to God and it should be for your, too. God did not say to Abraham, that he will save the cities if they just married each other – that, alone is enough for the death penalty.

The fact that sodomites go after children is part of being a queer. They represent about 1-2% of the population (they would claim 10%) but the fact is that they far out number the heterosexual person when it come to being a pediophil; they account for about 1/3 of the crimes against children. The homosexuals are also most likely to be mass murders, too. (Just do your research to find out.) John Wayne Casey, the queer that sodomised and murdered about 33 boys is one that comes to mind.

The homosexual agenda and organizations push for pediophilia – this is their end goal. They also want to be teachers and many are to our children.

The schools are pushing the homosexual agenda and are teaching it to our little kids. They are having perverts go into school – I mean literally – and showing 14 year old girls how to do perverted acts. One is what is called “fisting” where they show how to form your hand to stick it up someone’s X. I wont’ get graphic here but you know what I mean.

Children are to read books where the child has two mommies or two daddies. Other homosexuals are pushing for lowering the age of sexual consent in states.

Children are told if you have sex have safe sex instead of NOT having sex.

Then there are the films that have been coming out of Hollywood for many years that has the “hero” a homosexual; films that attack our Christian values.

Children are being bullied if they stand up to all this sex teaching with the teacher JOINING IN!

Can’t Adams and Trump see this?

I wonder with Adams, if he is doing this so as not to lose any subscribers to his newsletter and not to lose customers who buys his products? This could be. Of course, he could have another agenda.

Finally, the homosexuals have, on average (unless they die early with AIDS) about 1,000 partners in their lives! That is mind bending. So, does he think that if two queers gets married they will be like most married heterosexual people. NO WAY.

Christian America

Mike Adams claims to be for American values (and so does Trump); what is he trying to do – redefine it! Accepting homosexuals in American life was NOT what made America great; it was a crime against nature throughout most of American history. Did Adams or Trump ever read American history? I guess they did, but it was the antichrist rewritten history and not what really happened.

America was founded as a Christian nation and as such Colonial Americans lived by God’s laws, as stated in the Old Testament. And this remained the same through much of 19th century. In fact, up to about the 1970s homosexuals were considered sick people; you could not engage in it legally.

In early America, if there was a gay or lesbian found in town they would have hung them.

Common Objections

Many liberals and mainline Christians would use as an excuse one of the following:

  • I don’t care what they do as long as they don’t bother me

  • What they do in private is their own business

  • God loves everybody

  • I hate the sin but not the sinner

Lets address each one of these.

I don’t care what they do as long as they don’t bother me.

Oh really? What about those who had their little boy sodomised? What about the husband that brought home AIDS to their wife?

What they do in private is their own business.

If a man knocked down a neighbour’s fence at night and no one was around, is that OK? I think you know the answer.

God loves everybody.

Read your Bible and you’ll find out that is not the case.

I hate the sin but not the sinner.

If that is the case, why then did God destroy Sodom and Gomorrah?

I know these are short answers to common objections but I don’t want to make this into a book.

If Donald Trump really wants to make America great again and if Mike Adams wants to do the same, well “Success leaves clues.” And one clue is, that we must get back to the laws that God said we should have. No, Virginia, the Law was not “done away with,” but only the rituals (animal sacrifices).

Finally, with all the rhetoric that Mike Adams always talks about when he talks about American culture – this is just talk. It has to be, because any informed American knows that Christians built this country and it is Christian morals that were the laws of the land; any old history book on America will tell him that. But what does the homosexual agenda do? It DESTROYS THE FAMILY. The basic building block of any nation is the family and one sure way to destroy it is allow homosexual lifestyle. The sodomy lifestyle is one sure way of destroying the whole race. Again, 100 years ago and more people would have hung these sodomites. It was illegal to be a homosexual. And, if they were caught, they would have been tried and punished accordingly. If you live in another country you probably had a Christian moral code, too, if you are from some Caucasian country.

So, let’s do the godly thing and return to God’s Laws, Statues and Judgements.

Mike Adams should check out this PDF I compiled to read what the homosexuals agenda is.

CLICK HERE to find out much more.


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