Homosexuals and Child Abuse

Weekly Sermon November 20, 2016

Homosexuals and Paedophilia Connection

homosexuals and child abuse   Some people might say that having a topic on homosexuals and paedophilia is not a topic to have a sermon on, I beg to differ. In the Bible that are many evil things that Israel did but it was part of the Bible. Well, the topic of homosexuals and child abuse has to be discussed.

There are many people who are Christians say, “I don’t mind homosexuals; I have a friend that is one. As long as they don’t do any harm to me, I have no problem with it.” This is their stock answer. Well, that is not what Yahweh God said.

There has been more and more – IN YOUR FACE – about “gay” rights and that we must accept them. In fact, just today (Nov. 20) I got an email from Mike Adams of Natural News about an article where “he has 10 things in common with Donald Trump,” (whoopee do!). Well, one of them is on the homosexual issue (I like to call them queers). Here is what he wrote:

#4) Both Donald Trump and myself know and embrace many people who are gay. Neither one of us have anything against people’s sexual orientation or deciding with whom they want to partner or marry. Do you realize Donald Trump is the very first U.S. President to have been elected on a platform that openly accepts gay marriage?

What we don’t want, however, is the “gay mafia” shoving an aggressive gay agenda onto our children. By the way, the gay mafia has now transformed into the transgender mafia, and suddenly they’re morphing into pushing for pedophilia rights, too, because “love wins” in their mind, even if it’s a 40-year-old man trying to sleep with a ten-year-old child. Soon, they will probably call for “pedo-marriage rights” in America while claiming anyone who opposes the idea is a “hater.” That’s the kind of lunacy I oppose.

Here is a guy (Mike Adams) who does have a great website telling people how to stay healthy naturally and of the big medical fraud that he exposes. He also claims to be a Christian but you’d never know it with some of the articles he writes. In the above quote, he talks about how he “embraces gays,” then he goes on to say what he doesn’t want from them such as “gay mafia” and “pedo-marriages.” Well, Mike, God said that queers are an abomination to him. And think of this, it was the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah where God destroyed them. Of all the sins that man comments this is one where God himself intervened to destroy them.

So, Mike Adams wants to have it his way – he wants the homosexuals not to abuse children; he wants the homosexuals not to be paedophiles. Well, that is NOT the way these sickos think. To find out more, CLICK HERE for the revealing report.


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